Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why Is The Media Lying About Indy Eleven Attendance Figures?

It doesn't surprise me that Ersal Ozdemir's PR machine would crank out press releases claiming sellout crowds to its home games whether true or not, but one would expect the media to be a little more honest. The minor league soccer team had its third home game last night. Anyone who bothered to tune in to the live broadcast on WNDY-TV broadcast in digital format couldn't help but notice that there were lots of empty seats in the stands, even more noticeable than its second home game. Yet local news media like WTHR reported a "sellout crowd of 10,285" for last night's game.

When Indy Eleven held its inaugural game last month, media reported that the sellout crowd topped 11,000. Carroll Stadium was built as a track and field venue with a seating capacity of 12,111. Indy Eleven has reconfigured seating at Carroll Stadium by blocking off thousands of the permanent seats and adding about 5,000 temporary seats, primarily behind each team's respective goal zones. Capacity with the re-configured seating is supposed to be 11,000. Sports media whores like the Star's Bob Kravitz immediately deemed Carroll Stadium as being woefully inadequate after watching the opening game to support the team owner's quest to force taxpayers to build a new $87 million stadium for him. Some of us have eyes wide open and aren't going to be misled about the diminishing crowds at Indy Eleven games by Indianapolis' propaganda media which believes that our number one public priority is funding anything related to sports.

RECAP: Back-to-back goals down 1-2 in front of 10,285 at :


Anonymous said...

The people of Indianapolis DO NOT WANT a minor league soccer team nor any Cricket teams/leagues/fields.

Soccer may be fun to play, but it is not a professional sport attraction, nor will it be. We don't want that team in Indianapolis!

Cricket....really??? Cricket is not popular, not played, not wanted and amounts to nothing more than pay-to-play with OUR TAX MONEY!!!

Send Cricket fields and the Indy Eleven somewhere else.

P. S. The Colts owner may want to take them somewhere with his team

Flogger said...

Why is the Media Lying you ask? Why not. The Media here Indianapolis, print and TV constantly lie about the importance of Sports to our Economy. The Media perpetuates this image of this robust Sports Economic Machine.

The Media hopes that by carrying ads for the con-men that sell Perpetual Motion Sports Machines to the gullible they can make a few bucks.

Yesterday when I was channel surfing I saw a piece of the Indy-Car Grand Prix. I thought it was some sort of time trials the stands were so empty.

The Next Scheme maybe the City or State required to buy tickets and ship people in to fill the stands, or maybe just photo shop a full stadium or race track.

Anonymous said...

The seats are blocked off because they are out of the sight lines of the soccer field. Why sell seats if they don't offer views of 100% of the field. Unfortunately, on TV it would look less than a sell out. I was at the game - it was packed

Anonymous said...

Indy Eleven STOPPED selling tickets at least five hours before the game.

Why would they not sell tickets to walk up fans if they weren't really sold out???

* Because they don't want money?
* Because they're willing to forego money in order to make people THINK they're sold out?
* Or maybe your conspiracy theory has some serious holes in it.

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

All those folks in the stands (packed or not) haven't paid for their seats.

The mayor's office is handing out free tickets for the soccer matches.

I know for a fact that the chairs of the various Sister City Committees got at least 10 tix apiece for one of the matches to distribute -- and one does wonder who else is the recipient of such largesse.

Gary R. Welsh said...

So thousands of people bought tickets and decided to stay home rather than go to the game? The stands were far from full and if you are trying to say otherwise, you are lying.

Anonymous said...

Gary, please read my post at 4:48. If you look at the east and west end bleachers, they were packed. The main grandstand was packed. The east and west curved part of the grandstand are nicely tarped off because the east and west bleachers block the view of the field. Therefore on TV, it may lock as it's not sold out.

Anonymous said...

I was at the match. It was crowded, but not packed. Also, there is a lot of truth to your comments about the free tickets. I have attended every home match this season and I have not paid for a ticket once. Most of the people that I know that have went also went with free tickets. I support the team, but absolutely do not support giving more taxpayer money to Ersal. If he wants a new stadium, he can pay for it himself.

Anonymous said...

So any other professional team that says they are sold out doesn't give away free tickets? Name ONE sports team that sells EVERY SINGLE ticket when they "sell out". I too have been to every single game and Wednesday night's was by far the least full but HAD to have had at least 7,000+ fans. Give your opinion but don't speak for those who are like me and would LOVE to see the Indy Eleven team thrive. It is yet one more great thing to do in Indy with children and/or friend's and makes the appeal for a relatively large Midwestern city that much more!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many ignorant comments. First of all who are you to speak for all of the people in Indianapolis. My three kids love playing soccer and even more love attending the Indy Eleven games. I have attended 8 of the 12 home games and every single game was sold out. It does not look sold out on TV because they have sections blocked off because the views would be horrible from those sections. Speak for yourself only please and not for the city of Indianapolis because our entire family enjoys attending the games. Do I support the city paying for a stadium? Well, if you don't then they should tear down Lucas Oil and return the money to the city, and move the Pacers to another city as it was planned until the city stepped in. Also, a lot of improvements to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway should not have occurred. My point is give it to all of the sports or none of the sports. Just because you don't like the sport does not mean it should not get funding. If you don't support the soccer stadium then please also post to tear down Lucas Oil. Go Indy 11 :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Andy. I purchased a new bicycle with two small training wheels. On my way to Indy 11 game those wheels came off. The next thing I know I'm on the ground with my face between two big wheels. The long story short, I didn't make it to the game, so I'll not be able to comment on attendance or a fraud of mass media. Thank you .