Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Charges Dropped Against Teen Arrested For Coke Lot Murder

A 19-year old arrested by Speedway police for the fatal shooting of a 25-year old Kokomo man early Saturday morning in the Coke Lot of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway before the race will not face formal charges. The Marion Co. Prosecutor's Office tells Fox59 News that Avory Johnson will not face murder charges for the shooting death of Max Levine due to inconsistencies regarding the identification of the shooter.


Anonymous said...

Cops are sometimes so incredibly dumb. Wasn't a GSR test performed immediately after the time of the arrest?

C. Roger Csee said...

"The Marion Co. ***Prosecutor's Office*** tells Fox59 News that Avory Johnson will not face murder charges..."
THEY are the ones who prefer charges, not the police.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous poster 11:11. Not as incredibly dumb as you. The Crime Lab does not perform GAR tests because they often give a "false positive" result. Educate yourself a little before you comment. BTW watching CSI Miami does not qualify as an education in forensics.

Anonymous said...


I saw the father of the young man killed and my heart breaks for him. Do police take any kind of recurrent training?? A refresher on procedures?? I would be out of mind if this was my loved one.

Anonymous said...

4:57 PM. Gathering some evidence
is better than gathering no/little
physical evidence whatsoever.

A Jury or a Judge can ultimately then decide how much credibility the prosecution's expert witness has, at trial.

A scientific report may convince
a defendant to plead to something
instead of walking free at the prosecutor's request.

You obviously have little concept
of the strategies of criminal cases.