Saturday, May 10, 2014

Infowars Debunks Video Of High-Tech Alien-Like UFO Attacking Taliban Terrorist Base In Afghanistan

I love it when, the alternative media source the mainstream media loves to marginalize for seeking the truth by labeling everything they publish as wacko conspiracy theories, debunks the wacky conspiracy theories advanced by the mainstream media. This past week, numerous mainstream media outlets showed a video depicting what looked like a UFO straight out of a science fiction movie attacking a Taliban terrorist base in Afghanistan as American soldiers look on. It took a military adviser for about ten minutes to debunk the video as a fraud.

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Anonymous said...

This was a fascinating example of the difficulty these new drones pose to ufo researchers, ufo debunkers and regular media, and military and foreign governments. Originally this attack was executed by a helicopter, and the footage was out there, but not widely distributed. It was digitally altered to replace the helicopter with the triangular shaped ship, which looks a lot like one variety of ufo frequently sighted. Then when the altered video hit the internet labeled as a ufo attack it was universally stated by ufo adherents and debunkers alike that the “ufo” was in fact a US drone. Only finally we learn that it was not a drone, not a ufo, and not an authentic video, but a digitally altered video of a US helicopter kill made to look like a ufo. Foreign governments freak out when they see these types of video. And so do military planners. Nobody really knows what the universe of existing drones and ufos look like, and so everybody is on edge. Fortunately we were able to trace the provenance of this attack video, so we know it was a helicopter attack digitally altered, but we don’t know who altered it. Kid. Government agency. Foreign provenance. The fact that even North Korea is manufacturing and using drones for nefarious spy/military/attack purposes means nearly every advanced government in the world is building a supply of drones, added to the business supply and the ones bought by ordinary people. We’re going to be seeing more of these videos, and its going to get more difficult to tell what’s real.