Monday, May 19, 2014

State's Toxicology Agency's Backlog Blamed For Delay In Getting Irsay Blood Test Results

The Star's Mark Alesia has a story explaining why the problem-plagued state toxicology agency is to blame for the delay in Jim Irsay's toxicology results being delivered to Hamilton County authorities two months after blood samples were sent there for testing following his arrest in March for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and possession of controlled substances. It's curious that the Star chose to run this story the day Colts' owner Jim Irsay is scheduled to join city officials in Atlanta to pitch the selection of Indianapolis to host the Super Bowl in 2018.
. . . While law enforcement officials decline to discuss Irsay's specific case, the blood draws conducted by the Carmel Police Department are tested by the Indiana Department of Toxicology, which has struggled for years to implement reforms, and has a current backlog of eight months for drug testing.
The delays are because the department has not had a stable staff for years, and its caseload grew from 5,960 in 2012 to 6,690 last year.
That doesn't necessarily mean Irsay's blood draw results won't be ready for another six months, however. The department does expedite certain cases when requested. But the backlog shows that problems have lingered at the department since a 2011, when an Indianapolis Star investigation revealed testing errors and dysfunction . . .
Officials won't say what tests are being done for Irsay's case, or who might be doing them. But Carmel Police obtained a warrant to draw two vials of blood from Irsay after arresting him March 16 on preliminary charges of impaired driving and illegal possession of controlled substances. And a city spokesperson said Carmel Police use the toxicology department for all blood testing . . .


Flogger said...

Here is what I found on The Indiana State Department of Toxicology


State appropriations for the
Department of Toxicology

2009 $3,719,280.00
2010 $2,463,380.00
2011 $2,463,380.00
2012 $2,093,873.00
2013 $2,093,873.00
2014 $2,000,873.00

From their Web Site > Our purpose is to provide accurate and timely toxicology analytical services in an ethical and forensically sound manner and accurate and reliable breath-testing program for the State of Indiana.

The Pacers get what $10M a year.

Maybe I did not read the Indiana State Department of Toxicology
budget correctly. If I did it means the Pacers receive 5 times !! as much funding as the Department of Toxicology.

Perhaps if our State Legislators spent less time worrying about teaching Creationism, or same sex marriage they might look into the reasons for the Back Logs.

I am sure if the Toxicology Lab was owned, operated or privatized to a company that had State Legislators or their families invested in it, it would be lavishly funded.

Anonymous said...

Ask the lab for its "error rate" and if its lab professionals are Certified (and the name of the certification body), and why it has taken so long for the lab to meet international standards. A reading of "STRENGTHENING FORENSIC SCIENCE IN THE UNITED STATES: A PATH FORWARD" might help understand the situation in our forensic labs.

Greg Wright

Anonymous said...

You should probably ask Daniels why he butchered the State Department of Toxicology and why Pence still has not fired any of Daniels cronies!