Monday, May 12, 2014

Speedway Settles Class Action Lawsuit Filed By Taxi Cab Drivers For $90,000

The Town of Speedway will pay nearly $60,000 to 68 taxi cab drivers whose licenses were seized at the end of last year's Indianapolis 500 when the cab drivers attempted to make customer pick-ups at the track following the race to settle a class action lawsuit. Speedway police issued tickets to the cab drivers and seized their licenses as part of a crack down to enforce a new policy making the town's Main Street a no-taxi zone during the race. Cab drivers complained that they were not notified of the policy.

The settlement reported by the Star indicates that each driver will receive about $400 to reimburse them for income they say they lost during the busy Memorial Day weekend after their licenses were seized. The attorneys for the cab drivers will be paid about $30,000 by the Town of Speedway as part of the settlement. Speedway officials have also agreed not to seize licenses of cab drivers in future race-day enforcement actions for violating the no-taxi cab zone policy.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a just settlement. At first glance, it would appear outrageous to seize taxi licenses, especially since I don't believe that Speedway issues taxi licenses. I know that Indianapolis requires a taxi license.

Due process should be afforded before taking a government license.

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