Friday, May 23, 2014

Indiana Democrats Turning To A Second Out-Of-State Mike To Run For State Treasurer

Mike Boland
Indiana Democrats turned to a Florida resident and voter there in recent elections, Mike Claytor, as their candidate to run for state auditor this year. Claytor, a former Crowe-Horwath partner with close ties to the bipartisan corrupt political establishment that runs Indiana, only re-established a voter registration in Indiana last year in order to run for statewide office after retiring to Florida many years ago. He had voted in elections in Florida as recently as 2012 and donated money to Democratic candidates in Florida. Now Indiana Democrats are turning to a long-time Illinois resident, Mike Boland, who served in the Illinois House of Representatives for 16 years and ran for political office in that state as recently as 2012 when he lost a state senate district race there, as their candidate for state treasurer at the state convention at the end of this month. The Indiana Democratic Party had this to say about Boland's entry into the race:
Boland, a 30-year educator, moved to Indiana in 2012 with his wife, Mary, after serving in the Illinois General Assembly for 16 years. While in office there, was he awarded 36 awards for his service in the House from groups representing educators, veterans, child advocates, agriculture and firefighters. Since arriving in Indiana to be closer to family, Boland has become active in the Democratic Party, helping candidates and organizations with their mission to restore balance to Hoosier government.
“Mike Boland is a lifelong public servant who will work hard to advance the cause of ‘better and more balanced’ government in our Statehouse,” said IDP Chair John Zody. “Hoosiers deserve better in our state, and a candidate like Mike who understands that mission. When elected, he will keep his focus on Hoosiers instead of on politics.”
“The Treasurer of State is tasked with enormous responsibility in the financial management of taxpayer dollars. From college savings plans to the Indiana Bond Bank to the State Board of Finance, which can move money separately from General Assembly appropriations – it is imperative that there be transparent and balanced representation in our Statehouse,” said Boland. “As Treasurer, I will work to restore the trust of Hoosiers with my attention squarely focused on the fiscal health of our state. The current administration made headlines when it sued to put Chrysler out of business – and in doing so putting 5,000 workers out of a job. Hoosiers deserve better.”
Boland's electoral success came to an end in Illinois after he decided to run for Lt. Governor in 2010 instead of seeking re-election to the Quad Cities legislative district he had represented for 16 years. Boland finished a distant fourth in that Democratic primary race. In 2011, Boland briefly sought election as a Democrat to Illinois' 19th congressional district before bowing out in favor of a state senate race he lost in the Democratic primary to a political rival, Mark Jacobs, which Jacobs won by a 10% margin. Boland and his wife left Illinois and moved to Hamilton County in 2012 after losing his primary race that year. Judging from comments about his electoral move in Indiana over at the Springfield-based Capitol Fax blog, Boland is not missed there. Boland draws an Illinois legislative retirement check of over $52,000 a year according to one blog commenter.

I'm at a loss as to why the Democrats have been unable to field a substantial, home-grown candidate for this office this year. The two leading Republican candidates, Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold and businessman Don Bates, both have considerable baggage they bring to their campaigns based on the barbs being traded between the opposing sides, and the third candidate in the race, Kelly Mitchell, isn't given a great chance of winning. If rumors are correct, there is an ongoing FBI investigation of Marion city government that could blow up Seybold's chances before November rolls around. Seybold's campaign has been dragging up issues about Bates' personal financial problems to raise doubts about his worthiness to serve as state treasurer should he be nominated. A number of Democrats might be kicking themselves hard in a few months for not taking a shot at the state treasurer's race this year.


Bagel said...

Both Mikes are living in Indiana which is lot more than we can say about Dan Coates. He wasn't even living in this state when he ran.

Anonymous said...

The POINT isn't about where this Illinois Democrat is living, but what has he done for 16 years in the Democrat-controlled Illinois House of Representatives? What makes anyone with a modicum of common sense think that this 'carpetbagger' is going to bring "integrity" here in Indiana when he had 16 years to actually bring "integrity" to Illinois? And where is Illinois today as a result of Boland's 16 years of "better and balanced" government? And he wants to bring his Combine Style here to Indiana?! If he wants "better and balanced" government maybe he should go back to Illinois and fix his 16 year mess there first before coming here with his Democrat 'utopian' ideals. But just as some dogs dirty their own yards beyond capacity, so they seek other cleaner yards to dirty.