Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Florida TV Weatherman Tells Viewers Chemtrails Are Harmless Military Experiments

We have another local TV weatherman in Florida explaining away the toxic aeorosols being sprayed into our upper atmosphere on an almost daily basis now as harmless military experiments. It amazes me how ignorant the American public is about what's happening in plain sight if they only bother to look up into the sky. It's even more alarming that none of the so-called environmentalists in this country care about what it means to have barium, strontium and aluminum oxides continuously raining down on us from the sky.


Anonymous said...

The effects of a chaff flare are short-lived. A chaff flare creates a huge light and heat burst that confuses acquisition systems, allowing you to perform evasive maneuvers to avoid a fighter on your 6.

It does not create a cloud from Fort Myers to Okeechobee.

energygeek said...