Saturday, May 10, 2014

Benghazi Select Committee Should Be As Successful As Other Congressional Investigations

Can anyone think of a congressional investigation led by Republicans in Congress that didn't wind up blowing up in the faces of those doing the investigating? That was my first reaction when House Speaker John Boehner announced the appointment of a select committee to investigate the attack on the Benghazi consular compound in 2012 when Ambassador Christoper Stevens was dragged out of a building set on fire by terrorists, raped, tortured and paraded through the streets after the local security forces hired by Hillary Clinton's State Department to protect him abandoned their posts by the attackers. Stevens' body was located many hours later at a terrorist-friendly hospital where we're told doctors were unable to save him.

Lucky for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Boehner decided to appoint South Carolina's Trey Gowdy and Indiana's Susan Brooks to the investigative panel that Democrats will likely boycott altogether. Gowdy is a regular partisan mouthpiece on Fox News, which makes him suspect right out of the box, not to mention that he's a frat boy who apparently takes hair-styling advice from the disgraced former Rep. James "Beam Me Up Scotty" Traficant (D-OH), making the look of his truly bizarre hair as likely to be a Washington media talking point as any matters investigated by the committee.

The Star's Washington reporter, Maureen Groppe, is all giddy about her girlfriend, Susan Brooks, being named to the panel. "Brooks' background as a U.S. attorney who has also defended people charged with crimes was likely a factor in her selection," Groppe writes. Not hardly, Maureen. She was appointed because she's a lapdog for Boehner, who is the best opposition leader the corrupt Obama administration could ask to lead the Republican-controlled House. "I do think it's a good thing to have some fresh perspectives," Brooks said in an interview with "Maybe some different questions, or maybe a different manner in which we ask the questions will produce some answers." In other word, let's put some lipstick on a pig.

Maybe Brooks can get advice from two of the clowns from Indiana that former U.S. Rep. Dan Burton hired to work on his investigations of the Clinton administration as chairman of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Carl Brizzi and Greg Zoeller, which became the butt of Capitol Hill jokes. Lest we forget Brooks' crack job of handling public corruption investigations when she was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana. Brooks could never seem to find a case worth prosecuting. My favorite was when she dumped in the wastebasket a lengthy FBI investigation of how political cronies of former Lawrence Mayor Tom Schneider walked off with the city-owned water utility, along with millions of dollars in cash. Brooks just couldn't find a crime that had been committed. It probably didn't hurt that the big law firm that formerly employed her inked the deal for the City of Lawrence in blatant violation of Indiana law while doubling as the legal counsel for Schneider's political cronies who walked away with the utility.

Don't get me wrong. I think what happened in Benghazi is outrageous, but I've already figured out what happened there and know that the real truth can never come to light. If it did, it would prove once again that the United States is at the center of starting virtually every conflict in this world that leads to the massive loss of lives because that's what we do best. Keeping the military/industrial complex that runs this country in charge of everything that happens in this country and throughout the world is the end game. Both Gowdy and Brooks, like their other Republican colleagues on this panel, are bought and paid for by those folks. Their wallets and those of their family members grow fatter with each passing day that they serve in Congress. It's in their interests to preserve and protect their benefactors, which is anyone but the American people. Learning anything useful from this committee's work is as likely as NASA announcing tomorrow that the manned moon landings were all faked. It ain't going to happen.


Chas. M. Navarra said...

That Mrs. David Brooks could not find problems or even questions of propriety with Lawrence Mayor Tom Schneider's water company deal shouts volumes to those of us in the know or who had business in Lawrence during Mr. Schneider's tenure and does not bode well for the outcome of the "select committee". Every item in this news report is spot on, Gary. The barrel cannot be held over the truth forever on any or all of the aspects reported in this blog post.

Anonymous said...

you're missing the point. The committee's job is simply to keep "investigating" until just before the 2016 election. Actually finding anything is pretty irrelevant. Meanwhile, you appoint every semi-moderate Republican you can find to the committee in fond hopes of building their "street creeds" among the right wing of the base. Heck, even speculating that there might be something there to find, whether it's found or not, is perfectly fine.

Flogger said...

Years ago during the Iran-Contra Hearings I read an article commenting on the Hearings. It was not Mega-Media in origin.

The article in a nutshell stated the hearings would be little better than the Soviet Show Trials of the 1930's and 40's. The Hearings would be carefully stage managed for public consumption to demonstrate the "System" works.

I would expect the same here. The justification for the over throw of Muammar Gaddafi and the forces from the West and Puppet Governments in the Gulf that brought about the anarchy in Libya will be ignored. (Just one more Good War, that went bad.)

Will the CIA involvement in this new version of Fast Furious in Benghazi be questioned and the part our State Department played in it? The answer is no. The Hearing will be a "fight" between the Obama-Clinton camp and those attacking it. FOX News will lead the fight in the Media against Obama-Clinton, and MSNBC will be the defending Mega-Media outlet.

The fact is the USA and it's Wall Street-Security-Military-Industrial Complex has engaged in aggressive Wars all over the Planet since 1945.

Anonymous said...

You wrote: Lest we forget Brooks' crack job of handling public corruption investigations when she was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana. Brooks could never seem to find a case worth prosecuting.
Dig deeper of the regime at this time...