Friday, May 30, 2014

Police Officer Shot On Indianapolis' Northeast Side

An IMPD officer was shot this morning during a gunfire exchange in the 2600 block of North Dearborn Street. His injuries are not thought to be life threatening. The name of the officer has not been released. As many as three suspects may have been killed by police during the gunfire exchange. A few hours earlier, two Indiana State Troopers in an unmarked patrol car claim they were fired upon while ISP and IMPD officers were investigating a report of shots fired around Lakeview Apartments near 21st and Mitthoefer Road. The ISP officers began following a white Cadillac when they claimed a man armed with a rifle began firing at them from the car. The car crashed at 30th and Mitthoefer following a chase where police apprehended one suspect and a rifle, but the other suspect fled the scene. It is unclear whether the two incidents are related.

This morning's violence follows a double homicide that took place at 3100 North Graceland Avenue on the City's north side. Two men were found shot to death in a car at that location. Remember, Mayor Ballard and our City-County Council has already declared that this violence is all your fault because you aren't paying enough in taxes to hire enough police officers. Never mind that they pilfered hundreds of millions of our public dollars on subsidies for real estate developments of their campaign contributors over the past several years instead of spending the money from the last public safety tax increase in 2007 that they promised would be used to hire more police officers but wasn't used to hire a single new police officer.

UPDATE: The police officer who was shot was wearing a bullet proof vest that protected him from serious injury. He's been identified as Officer Greg Milburne. The man involved with police in the shooting was found outside the home. Following the shooting, two women were found dead inside the home. It's unclear how they were killed.


local landlord said...

The problem isn’t that they aren’t collecting enough taxes from Indianapolis residents to pay police. The problem is that they misdirect spending of those tax monies. I was shocked by today’s news that the Clippers garnered a sale price of $2 billion dollars. And it makes me wonder what the Pacers are worth. And it makes me curious what the Pacers actually gross for Simon. I understand he refuses to provide audited financial statements detailing the Pacers gross income. So I call on the State of Indiana’s Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service to audit those books. Because it seems to this simple man that fraud is afoot. Surely in an age when basketball teams are worth billions of dollars, and earn billions in annual revenue from sports licensing and television revenues, claims of being to poor to honor contractual commitments are thinly disguised lies. Why are our tax dollars being diverted to Mr. Simon? Why do we have these terrible creations called the “capital improvements board” and the “indianapolis bond bank” and “tif” tax zones which rob us of our precious tax dollars, against our will, and with unaudited books justifying their fraudulent claims. This officer was shot today. Yes. It happens quite a lot lately in Indianapolis. Perhaps if we had more backup it wouldn’t have happened. But no. Instead of hiring backup police officers, we have our tax dollars misappropriated to the Simons, to the capital improvement board, to pay indianapolis bond bank obligations, and to build fancy hotels downtown for Lilly executives and super bowl enthusiasts. It isn’t right. And I don’t think its legal. I call for audits and complete financial disclosure. Surely the way forward into this next century requires, at minimum, honesty from civic leaders about the real way they are spending our money.

Gary R. Welsh said...

If the Clippers are worth $2 billion, the Pacers which Herb and Mel bought for $10 million is worth well north of a half billion dollars. The Pacers have never lost money. That is a total lie fed to you by people who are on Simon's payroll. People in this town would be shocked if these billionaire team owners were forced to open up their books to the public, particularly at the names of people on their payroll that you know nothing about. Remember several years ago when it came out that IPD's Chief Mike Spears was moonlighting as head of security for the Colts. He made more money working for the Colts than his full-time job as chief of police. Not surprisingly, when Colts football players got in trouble with the law, like when Marvin Harrison assaulted and injured a police officer, no charges were brought against him. How is it that the surveillance footage that captured the assault got destroyed? This town is run by crooked politicians who have been bribed by the billionaire sports team owners. Most of our elected officials don't represent us; they represent the people who are stuffing money in their pockets.

Anonymous said...

If someone shoots at an officer I hope the police aim high and use all their bullets.

Again, I am glad we lost the Super Bowl bid. Money should be going towards this city and safety, not the fluff. Nothing like a safe city to attract folks to your city.