Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Six Shot, Four Dead In Overnight Shootings In Indianapolis

While the Indianapolis media was ensconced in its non-stop coverage of the downtown mafia's latest push to host another Super Bowl with teams of reporters down at the NFL team owners meeting at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, six people were shot and four are dead this morning from a violent round of shootings on the City's northwest side. Local TV stations provided live coverage during the evening broadcasts of a press conference with the pill-popping Colts owner, Jim Irsay, who refused to apologize or answer any questions about his arrest in Carmel in March on suspicions of driving while under the influence of drugs and possession of controlled substances as the night of violence unfolded.

Four of the shootings happened in the 6000 block of Lakeside Manor Avenue where two men were found dead in the doorway of a home and a third man was found critically injured in the home's backyard who later died from his injuries. A 10-year old girl about a block from the shootings was the apparent victim of stray gunshot fire from the incident. A fifth gunshot victim was found about a mile from the scene of the shooting with a minor gunshot injury to his head, which police believe was connected to the same incident. In a separate incident, a male in his twenties was shot dead during a home invasion at 41st and Boulevard Place. The victim was shot by one of the two men who robbed the home. Eight children under the age of 10 were in the home and witnessed the shooting.

Mayor Greg Ballard and his stooges on the Indianapolis City-County Council will point to the latest violence as more evidence that the spike in crime is your fault because you aren't paying enough in taxes to hire enough police officers to patrol the city's streets when the fact of the matter is that they have chosen to divert hundreds of millions of dollars into slush funds used to finance the real estate development projects of their campaign contributors, most of which have occurred in the downtown area. No money can be spared for the downtown mafia and its various criminal rackets masked as downtown economic development that are making them all multi-millionaires at the expense of the general public. As they demand you pay higher income taxes to fund public safety, they have already cut deals to funnel tens of millions of dollars into two downtown luxury hotel projects being undertaken by politically-connected real estate developers. Until we find a prosecutor who will put the real criminals in prison who are bilking public tax dollars, you will continue to be socked with higher and higher taxes to fund their self-dealing instead of paying for the basic city services the lying politicians tell you the higher taxes are needed.


Anonymous said...

Cops only care about drugs, alcohol, traffic stops and other means of pushing the people around.

They never take on anyone even approaching the level of a real criminal without being in a SWAT army, hiding behind a ballistic shield.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Most of these shootings are drug-related. The biggest trafficker of illegal drugs in the world is the CIA, which uses drug-running operations to fund its black budget operations. Until someone shuts down the CI and the multi-national banks which launder their dirty money, along with the other nefarious, anti-democratic, plundering activities being carried out in the name of national security, no amount of policing will change anything anywhere in this country. A total police state modeled after Nazi Germany is their ultimate aim, which they have pretty much achieved already.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Gary.

Anonymous said...

so is your point that no amount of extra police would have prevented last night (assuming no one was waiting to tell a coop they couldn't find that this might have been about to happen) or that if we had fewer buildings or less sorts teams, this wouldn't have happened, or just that Indianapolis should stop funding the CIA?