Thursday, May 08, 2014

Third Congressional District Democratic Voters Narrowly Avoided Nominating Drunken Homeless Guy We've Seen Before

Remember Tommy Schrader? He's a homeless Fort Wayne man who embarrassed Allen County Democrats in 2011 when he won nomination as an at-large Fort Wayne city council candidate in the Democratic primary election. Allen County election officials later bounced Schrader from the ballot after learning that he had moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin during the primary where he took advantage of that state's same-day registration law and voted from a homeless shelter there in a hotly-contested statewide Supreme Court race in a state watching legal battles unfold between union activists and Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature after the enactment of a right to work law. Schrader told Allen County election officials at the time he was only vacationing in Green Bay. Schrader was back on the ballot in Tuesday's Democratic primary contest for the right to run against Third District Congressman Marlin Stutzman (R). Incredibly, Schrader lost the contest to Justin Kuhnle by a mere 83 votes. Schrader spent election night at Allen Co. GOP headquarters getting drunk as he watched the returns being reported on local TV stations, which at times showed him leading the race. After Schrader became unruly, police were called to escort him away. Schrader now says he wants a recount. Absolutely stunning. So much for low turnout election voters being better informed voters. It makes you wonder if this guy is on the Allen Co. Republican Party's payroll.

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MikeC said...

Only REPUBLICAN voters in low turnout elections are informed. Democrat voters are pretty dumb no matter what. Remember 10 years ago or so the Dem primary voters chose Bobby Kern to run against Dan Burton? Dem voters chose him over the slated candidate and another candidate, both of whom had foreign sounding names. And the Dems say GOP voters are racist. Just went to show how Dems project their own characteristics onto others.