Monday, October 20, 2008

Was Double Homicide A Hate Crime?

Indianapolis police discovered two elderly men in Decatur township who were brutally murdered in their home. A comment by a neighbor of the men raises the possibility that it was a hate crime of some sort. WTHR's Emily Longnecker reports:

Neighbors wonder if the murders are connected to recent acts of vandalism at the same home. They say someone cut the cables outside the home a few months ago and left a threatening note on the door.

"It certainly seemed based on some kind of hate about who they thought they were," said Marker. "I had encouraged him to report and I had also strongly encouraged him to put up a camera and get an alarm system and my understanding was he finally did buy one and hadn't installed it yet."

Neighbors say one of the victims liked to work in his garden, but they say they hadn't seen him outside for the past two weeks. They didn't think that was strange though, because they thought both men had gone on vacation.

"I haven't seen him work on his yard and he's not that type of person," Hall said.

"I thought they were on vacation. They had gone on vacation with the dogs in an RV and several of us knew they were thinking about going again and just thought that's what happened," added Marker.

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