Sunday, October 19, 2008

Star Endorses Daniels

The Indianapolis Star gives a ringing endorsement to the re-election of Gov. Mitch Daniels. The editorial credits Daniels with delivering on his promise "for rapid and aggressive change in how state government operates." The editorial credits Daniels for improvement in Indiana's child protection system, digging the state out of its $800 million shortfall and returning Indiana's finances to a healthy status with balanced budgets, surpluses and the highest credit rating in history. He is also applauded for partial success on transforming Indiana's manufacturing-based economy, the state's adoption of daylight savings time and the leasing of the Indiana Toll Road. His faults are identified as being "overly defensive when pressed to explain controversial measures" and being "abrasive" sometimes when dealing with the legislature and the public.

There is no good news in the endorsement for Democratic challenger Jill Long Thompson. The editorial accuses her of running one of "the more ineffective and frustrating statewide campaigns in memory" and her "relentless" attacks on Daniels. "She has failed to lay out a coherent vision for the state's future," the editorial reads. Libertarian Andy Horning is cited for his humor and maturing as a candidate.

The Northwest Indiana Times weighs in with an endorsement for Daniels here.


Vox Populi said...

They are also very likely to endorse Senator Obama next week. I am pretty confident of Daniels getting elected at this point. He has waged a remarkable campaign.

Jeff said...

Now Gary since when did you start buying into the MSM?

garyj said...

Even some of the local unions are endorsing Daniels,
by NOT endorsing Jill Long-Johnson

garyj said...

Oops! I was wrong. Thats Jill Long-Thompson