Friday, October 31, 2008

McCain Stop Planned In Indy On Monday

Sen. John McCain plans to make a stop in Indianapolis on Monday afternoon on the eve of the election. The location is yet to be determined. It is unprecedented to see a Republican candidate for president campaigning in Indiana this late in the election season. It is still my belief that Sen. McCain will carry the Hoosier state next Tuesday. This stop is intended to boost GOP enthusiasm and turnout on Tuesday. The Obama campaign's real goal all along has been to make Indiana close enough that the networks will be unable to call Indiana for McCain at 6:10 p.m. shortly after the polls close. This has happened in every presidential election since 1968. If the networks announce at the beginning of the night that Indiana is too close to call, that will send chills up the spines of Republicans across the nation and energize Democrats in localities where polls are still open. There are rumors that Obama may make yet another stop in Indianapolis on election day. You have my prediction now. Regardless of how well McCain is doing in Indiana, the networks will announce the state is too close to call because that's the Obama line and nobody except FOX News will upset their plans.

UPDATE: The event will take place at the airport's international arrivals ramp. Look for details to be added at later. And here are the details on how to obtain tickets for the Monday afternoon rally.


Covenant60 said...

The networks will not call Indiana(or Kentucky) until at least 7pm EST, because that is when the CST zones close their polls.

In 2000, both Indiana and Kentucky were called for Bush at 6pm.

In 2004, both were called for Bush at 7pm, which was the first year that the networks waited till all the polls in a state closed before making a call.

You can see election timelines for those two elections (maybe earlier ones, too) at Dave Leip's Election site. All kinds of real interesting presidential election history there. If you are a junkie about this stuff, go check it out, you won't be disappointed. Just google Dave Leip.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Michael, You are correct about that agreement, but I sort of recalled someone jumping the gun anyway and calling Indiana. Maybe I've got it wrong.

artfuggins said...

Indiana will be blue this year...the only question is what time it will be called for Obama.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks for sharing, Wilson.

Covenant60 said...

and a republican will some day win the 7th!!!

If Obama is winning the presidency, Indiana will go for McCain by somewhere between 120,000and 170,000 votes.

Indiana for Obama?!?!?!?!

C'mon. vbg

Remember, Indiana voted against FDR.


For that matter, Indiana voted for Dewey.


Against JFK and against Carter.

Against Clinton twice, with Perot taking GOP votes each time.

In fact, Indiana has voted Dem only 4 times since going for Grover Cleveland in 1892. Once for Wilson in 1912 (GOP was split), twice for FDR, and for LBJ.

Look at it this way.

Last time, Bush won Indiana by a half million votes.

Where is Obama going to come up with a half million votes? Bloomington???

Not gonna happen.

artfuggins said...

Indiana voted for FDR for one of his terms.

Covenant60 said...

art.... Indiana voted for FDR twice, his election in '32 and blowout reelection in '36.

Then Indiana rejected FDR twice.... in '40 when it went for Rushville's own Wendell Wilkie and then voted against FDR AT THE HEIGHT OF WWII in '44 when it went for Thomas Dewey.

Then it went for Dewey again against Harry Truman.

Indiana was and will always be Dewey Country. vbg