Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Case Of The Soda Pop Flasher

What kind of a guy walks into a Circle K convenience store to get a can of soda and then pulls out his penis to expose himself to the store clerk? The man doesn't just do it once, but he repeatedly returns to the same store and exposes himself to the same clerk. And did I mention the store has surveillance cameras which caught it all on video? If police didn't know who the flasher was before, they will know soon after WRTV ran the video during its news cast last night.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts are that the guy did it the first time for the thrill that these guys get from doing this sort of thing. He might have even waited to see if the police were called. I wonder if he figured that since the clerk didn't mind the first couple of times, maybe she like it or something. She said that the guy actually told her he was doing it on purpose. The clerk actually thought the guy had only one pair of pants and that something was wrong with them?