Monday, October 20, 2008

Interview Says A Lot About Linda Pence

If you've been reading the blogs, you've already figured out that there is a dark side to Linda Pence that is very unappealing. Pence further provides confirmation of that in a feature story in today's Star by Jon Murray on the attorney general's race. Murray asks each candidate to name something positive about the other candidate. Zoeller's reply to Murray:

Zoeller praised her as "a very passionate advocate."
Contrast Zoeller's response to Pence's response to Murray:

When asked to name one of Zoeller's strengths during a separate interview in her office looking out from a high floor of the Indiana Square tower in Downtown Indianapolis, however, Pence paused -- then said she couldn't think of one.

"My talent has been honed over 34 years. . . . I don't think spending eight years with the attorney general's office signing contracts and writing advisory opinions qualifies you to be attorney general."

Couldn't she even muster a "he's a nice guy" answer or respond without talking about herself? That response says so much about Pence. Whenever she's in a room full of lawyers, she always sees herself as the smartest and best one in the room. And if you don't believe that, she'll tell you. Her goal is not simply to win a case but to completely annihilate the opposing party in the process. Her "win-at-all" costs strategy can be very dangerous when it comes to prosecuting our laws. Pence is no doubt more qualified to step into a courtroom and try a case, but that isn't what our state's attorney general does. As Zoeller points out in the interview, she basically wants to do the job assigned to county prosecutors. Unlike other states, Indiana's attorney general is not a constitutional office and, statutorily, the powers of the office are more limited than what you find in many other states.


Paul K. Ogden said...

I agree Pence should have come up with something nice to say about Zoeller.

I was very disappointed in Zoeller's comments though. I want to have an Attorney General who won't look for reasons why he can't take action but will look for reasons why he can take action. I hope Zoeller can be that person but his comments and his support for the status quo makes me concerned. Hopefully the Republicans can work behind the scenes to encourage him to be more aggressive in the position than his predecessor has been.

Shofar said...

She sounds like Joe Biden and his comment to a reporter a few years ago, when he told the reporter that he was smarter than the reporter.

But I guess you have to have a big ego run for office.

Personally, I would rather have someone running for office with something that seems to be lacking in the State House and Washington DC. and that is COMMON SENSE!