Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Craig Fry Lives Where?

According to a direct mail piece sent out on behalf of Republican state representative candidate Dave Miller's campaign, State Rep. Craig Fry (D-Mishawaka) actually lives in the state of Michigan and not his northern Indiana legislative district. The mailer claims that Fry sold his Mishawaka home and moved into a big home that he built on a lake in Michigan. Fry owns another home in Indianapolis and only rents an apartment in his district Miller's campaign claims. Miller's mailer says neighbors never see Fry at the apartment he claims as his residence. A big hat tip to Hoosier Access. Fry is one of several state legislators awarded one of those questionable, high-paying jobs with Ivy Tech.

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Chris Worden said...

Brent Waltz lives where? Until the Indiana Election Commission starts enforcing residency requirements against both parties, you can expect more of them to rent apartments that are empty.