Friday, October 10, 2008

Report Finds Palin Exercised Legal Right To Fire Public Safety Director

This has to be the poorest excuse for a political hatchet job legislative investigation. Sham investigative findings, which were prepared by a partisan, financial supporter of Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, were released today saying that Gov. Sarah Palin exercised her constitutional power in firing her public safety commissioner but abused her power under the state's ethics law by pushing for the removal of her ex-brother in-law, who had engaged in various acts of misconduct, including threatening to kill Gov. Palin's father and using a taser on his own son. Proving just how insubordinate he was, Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monagan delivered a photo to Gov. Palin's office of Trooper Mike Wooten, the troubled ex-brother-in-law, to be used on a poster memorializing state troopers and asked Gov. Palin to autograph it. When Palin's office called to complain about Wooten being used in the photograph, Monegan unbelievably claimed he had no idea Wooten was featured in the photograph, a claim accepted by the partisan Obama investigator.

The entire report is a complete joke. By these standards, every single governor in these United States would be guilty of ethical misconduct. Monegan and Wooten epitomize the worst of arrogant, sexist law enforcement officers who think they are the law unto themselves. That a handful of partisan legislators hell-bent on destroying Gov. Palin because she is turning out their good ole boys who've been lining their pockets for years would twist the purpose of a state ethics law to thwart her is political corruption at its worst. There was nothing unethical in what Gov. Palin did. She tried to get rid of a dangerous and incompetent law enforcement officer who happened to be an ex-brother-in-law. If she hadn't done what she did, she wouldn't be a human being. Only in a corrupt political system would the animal likes of Monegan and Wooten be made out the victims instead of Gov. Palin's family, who have been the real victims here. Stephen Branchflower is a complete embarrassment to the legal profession in this country for writing a propaganda piece for the Obama campaign under the guise of protecting Alaskans from a supposedly abusive governor.

This is why I have come to hate American politics. Good people are destroyed because they believe in doing what is right. Evil, corrupt people are promoted and held up on pedestals. Barack Obama is the most unethical man ever nominated for president. He used his state senate office illegally to personally enrich himself. He has used his U.S. Senate seat to personally enrich himself. A convicted influence peddler gave Obama what amounted to a $300,000 gift to purchase his million-dollar South Side mansion and there isn't even an ethics investigation launched by the U.S. Senate. He steered over a million dollars in earmarks to the University of Chicago Hospital after it rewarded his wife with a job paying over $300,000, which allows her to work only when it pleases her. As a state senator, Obama pocketed over $115,000 for a no-work, no show job for a private business, which he helped land hundreds of thousands of dollars in state grants using his state senate office. And he didn't even disclose the relationship with the company on his state financial disclosure statement! Give me a break. Sarah Palin is a bad person for trying to get rid of a bad cop. Barack Obama is great man because he uses his political office to make himself a very rich man. Welcome to America. Gov. Palin should wear this report like a badge of honor. Leave it to the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys to deal with these corrupt pols who had their hands in this report.

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daltonsbriefs said...

Very well said Gary. It's an attack to change the subject from ACORN and Ayres. The libbies are all ecstatic tonite to have something new to beat up Palin for.