Monday, October 06, 2008

Obama Indoctrination Video Took Place At Public Charter School

What appeared to be members of a black fraternity pledging their allegiance to Barack Obama turns out to be a video made by a public school teacher of his students at a Kansas City middle charter school at an after school program he conducted. That same teacher posted the video on the Internet, which has subsequently been pulled. The teacher has been suspended, not for making the video, but posting it online. A local FOX News affiliate reports:

Some call it indoctrination and others say it encourages political involvement.

On a video posted on the internet, middle school students say Barack Obama has inspired them to succeed.Conservative morning Chris Stigall saw the video on the Drudge Report.

"This is an indoctrination. It's not a debate. It's not discussing relevant issues. It's not tit-for-tat," Stigall, with 710 KCMO Radio, said.Stigall said his disapproval isn't because of Obama, but rather because where it took place.

"No public school could or should get away with such a thing," Stigall said.

Stigall said on Monday morning that the school's director called his show and acknowledged that the video was made on school grounds after class at a teacher sanctioned event . . .

The school's director didn't return our calls. According to FOX News, the school suspended the teacher in charge of the after school activity for insubordination after he posted the video online.

If you haven't seen the movie "An American Carol" yet, I would highly encourage you to go see it. It's a comedy spoof on extremist liberal Michael Moore and the hate America documentaries he likes to produce. There is a musical scene in the movie where professors at Columbia University are shown on stage indoctrinating students into liberal dogma. In the movie, the Moore character looks to Muslim terrorists to finance his latest hate America documentary project, an effort to do away with Fourth of July celebrations. Ironically, it was mentioned in a news story today that film producer Oliver Stone turned to the Chinese to finance his latest film project, an anti-Bush myopic.


Unknown said...

The vid is still online at and it is creepy. I figured it would be removed so I made a copy.

Can't agree on An American Carol - maybe because I agreed with everything in it, it seemed really boring. It was better than Speed Racer !

M Theory said... rock for saving that video!

Chris Worden said...

The property tax system has been around for a LONG, LONG time. In fact, prior to the 1900s, it was almost exclusively the source of tax revenue. Then in Indiana a year ago, a lot of conservatives lead the fight to try to completely repeal the property tax, despite it being deeply ingrained in American history. So my question is this:

Why do conservatives hate America so much?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Chris Worden (ipopa), You may want to give that one a little more thought. Not one of your brighter thoughts.

Unknown said...

This looks strikingly similar to those Al Queda training videos we've all seen. This radical nonsense must be stopped. Those with these kinds of ideas must NEVER be allowed to hold any public office of any sort.

McPalin '08

Downtown Indy said...

Since they are idolizing Barack, shouldn't the group be 50% white?

BC said...

More Obama Indoctrination going on in schools... this video was removed.. how can I get a copy of it?