Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Plans Another Stop In Indianapolis Before Heading To Hawaii

FOX News is reporting that Sen. Barack Obama has cancelled previously scheduled campaign appearances for Thursday and Friday to fly to Hawaii to visit his grandmother, who reportedly was hospitalized and released last week. Oddly, a unplanned trip to Indianapolis has been added to Obama's schedule on Thursday before his trip to Hawaii. Obama just visited Indianapolis a little more than a week ago for a campaign rally at the state fairgrounds. The Indianapolis event will focus on "his agenda to turn the economy around and stand up for middle class families."

So his campaign announced on Monday that his grandmother is seriously ill and he will be travelling in THREE DAYS to see her! And he's adding a new stop in Indianapolis along the way! If his grandmother's situation was as his campaign describes, he would have left immediately for Hawaii and not three days later. And what's up with the fact that she was in the hospital as late as last week and he never bothered to visit her then? Recall that during his July trip to Hawaii he made one trip alone to her apartment building to visit her and it lasted all of one hour. Remember, his grandmother was more like his mother than his grandmother. And also remember that this is a guy who didn't bother to visit his mother while she lay dying in a hospital of cervical cancer.

Obama's trip to Hawaii comes just days after Obama antagonist Andy Martin landed in Hawaii with a team of investigators to dig for information on Obama's birth record. Martin, the author of "The Man Behind The Mask", also filed a lawsuit against Gov. Linda Lingle and the state's Department of Health in state court seeking to compel the release of Obama's original birth records by the State of Hawaii. Martin has promised some startling revelations. In a press release about his Hawaii trip this weekend, Martin wrote:

First, MSM often overlook that the Dunham Family, Obama's mother and grandmother, were strangers in this state. The Dunhams went from Kansas to WashingtonState. Their daughter grew up and graduated from high school in Washington. (Stanley) Ann Dunham arrived in Honolulu as a disoriented young adult, an outsider in an insular culture. That is why Ann gravitated to the University of Hawai'i, which serves as an oasis of cosmopolitanism for the island state. Nothing in Washington prepared her for Hawai'i.

Out of this confusion and upheaval came Barack Obama, a man of three families: his mother's family, his grandparents' family and his secret family.

When I began writing about Barack Obama over four years ago, the only "source" was his brilliant novel about himself, "Dreams From My Father." The book is a fantasy, not an autobiography, with invented characters and dialogue, and missing periods of his life. Obama is indeed a fascinating story, and we will tell it for the first time. A story of young love, and loss. A story of ultimate discovery and a voyage into an endless unknown of the soul. Will we get it right? I pray that we do, although I missed church at St Andrew's Cathedral this morning. I will let history be the judge of this series. And I will close with a stark reminder.

Four years ago I exposed on WMUR-TV (Manchester, NH) who George Bush really was. No one wanted to listen. Bush's henchmen tried to destroy me (and obviously failed).

Today Americans are caught in an increasing hysteria, a crescendo of projection and fantasy. But the inescapable lesson of history is that there is always a real world looming behind the fantasy. A mask is still a mask; indeed, a mask is always a mask. I have called Obama a masked man in my book, and others call me a masked man (the "Lone Ranger") for my relentless pursuit of the truth about Obama.

In the end, the real world always wins. Truth triumphs. And fantasy usually leads to bitter disappointment and dismay. If you don't believe me, just ask George W. Bush. I leave the good reader to judge my truths about Barack Obama, and act accordingly.

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