Saturday, October 25, 2008

Early Voting In Indiana Favors Democrats

According to the Secretary of State's office, 221,099 Indiana voters had cast early votes as of Thursday. The Star's Jason Thomas reports that 260,550 absentee ballots were cast in the 2004 election. Troubling for Republicans are the number of early voters in Marion and Lake Counties where the early vote totals already exceed the 2004 mark. In Marion County, more than 42,230 voters have cast their ballots as of Friday. In 2004, about 27,000 votes were cast by absentee ballots. In Lake County, more than 13,000 early votes have been cast, compared to the 12,683 absentee ballots cast four years. Both Marion and Lake Counties will favor Sen. Barack Obama heavily over Sen. John McCain. In the counties surrounding Marion County, which tend to favor the Republican candidate heavily, the following number of early voters has been reported to date: Hamilton (6,345); Hendricks (5,500); Hancock (2,466); Johnson (2,000); and Boone (1,500).


Anonymous said...

Are the numbers of early voters in surrounding counties also heavy? To me, if that were the case, it could end up being a wash. There could be a lot of people who have always been registered, but for whatever reason decide they don't want to vote and therefore have not voted in the last 10 years or so. If a person is registered, never moves, and doesn't vote for say 10-15 years, are they ever purged from the voter rolls?

artfuggins said...

Dont be surprised if Obama comes close to carrying heavily republican Hamilton County.

Paul K. Ogden said...


As i noted in my blog, if you compare Hamilton County's early voting numbers with Marion County, Marion County's is nearly twice as high as it should be looking at the population fo the two counties. I assure you it's not a wash.

As far as puring non-voters, since the Motor Voter Law was passed in 1993, it is very difficult to purge people for not voting. I do believe the law is now that you have to send two separate mailings to them before you can purge. It's a silly rule.

Democrats like to demagogue Republicans for wanting to purge non-voters, but the fact is that if a registered voter hasn't voted a single time in a 4 year cycle, they almost certainly have moved or have died. Democrats should be ashamed for peddling that voter suppression nonsense, most of which is without merit.

Anonymous said...

Let us pray that Obama wins and turns this country into the Socialist Mecca it needs to become. It is high time to punish the achievers of this country and force them to share their wealth with us welfare people.

Unknown said...

At the North Central High School satellite center the voters are 75%-80% "D". Obama will carrier Marion County by a hugh majority. Boone County is very close as well a Hamilton County. Republican voters are staying home. Will they on November 4th? I wonder.