Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Campaign Harassing Voters In Evansville

Based upon this report in the Evansville Courier-Press, supporters of Sen. Barack Obama will stop at nothing to compel a would-be voter to cast a vote for Obama. The Obama campaign is obtaining lists of voters who have requested absentee ballots and calling them on the telephone and showing up at their doorsteps. They are even offering to help fill out their ballots for them. One man said an Obama supporter showed up at his door after his daughter in Germany had requested an absentee ballot. The man then offered him a quarter to vote for Obama. And then there is the story of how they harassed this lady at her home::

One woman who hasn't requested an absentee ballot application told Kirk that people claiming to be Obama volunteers have been calling her nearly every day and have appeared at her home more than once.

"She said they followed her into her backyard," Kirk said. "She wanted to know what she could do to keep them from calling her and coming by.

"I told her to put up a no trespassing sign and call the police if it happens again."

In another case, a University of Southern Indiana student complained of being harassed to register to vote while she was on her way to class. The campaign worker persisted even after the student explained that she had not yet reached the age of 18. She filled out a voter registration form to make the guy go away and then e-mailed the clerk's office to tell them she wasn't eligible to vote. Persons with "The Campaign For Change" were identified as engaging in voter registration activities on campus at USI without authorization. The group is affiliated with the Indiana Democratic Party. Long-time election officials have seen nothing like this before. "An employee of the Vanderburgh County Voter Registration Office and the Election Office for a combined 28 years before becoming county clerk in 2005, Kirk said the reports took her aback," the Courier-Press reports.

Obama's spokesman pretends this is all just made up. "My guess is (the complainants) are probably some folks who have some motivation for doing so," Jonathan Swain said. "I'd find it hard to believe any of our volunteers are doing anything else." Swain knows damn good and well that this is exactly what his people are doing every day. These Obama people are unlike anything I've seen before in my many years following politics in America. They go off to these Camp Obama training camps and come home acting like subservient scientology cult followers of L. Ron Hubbard. Don't ever get on their mailing list. You'll never get off of it. Obama has told his supporters to get in their face while out on the campaign stump. They obey him like robots. This cult of personality I've discussed before is for real. Scary stuff.


Nick said...

Chicago politics comes to Southern Indiana.

I guess these bolsheviks need to do their part by making sure every one casts a ballot for The Glorious Leader.

Shofar said...

It's happening here in Indianapolis also. This evening I was at my lady friend's house, around 5:30pm when the phone rang. We were getting ready for dinner, and her 8 year old jumped and answered the phone. It was one of BO's people wanting her to vote for him.

I listened as she explained that she would not and would only vote for someone who has shown honestly, integrity and character. The BO caller was insistent, and kept her on the phone trying to change her mind. This went on for five minutes!

About an hour later another BO operative called and started to argue with her about BO, his ties to ACORN, Ayers and all the other things that have come out about BO.

They are ruthless, mean spirited, rude and as far as I can see, show the true attitude of BO and his minions.

My only wish is that they would call me!

Unknown said...

I live in Jacksonville Florida. Today I was at my father's house when Barrack supporters called him to ask if he was going to support Obama. The first time they called they were thoroughly unintelligible, thinking that it was a prank call he just hang up. Well they called back and this time they spoke a little clearer. He told them that he would not tell them who he was voting for and that he would vote for who he wanted.
To understand his reaction you have to know his past. He is a Romanian born immigrant-now US citizen that lived through the communist regime there in his country. He received an education and was promptly pressured to join the communist party, which would have forced him to renounce his faith. He said no, and spent the next few years getting messed with, arrested, tortured and more. So when these folks called you can understand his reticence to give them any damning information.
Well a few hours later I was house sitting when a lady called. She had an accent much like my fathers and she said that she was with the McCain Palin group. I got an inkling that something was going on so I checked the caller ID. Lo and behold the "McCain" person was the same Obama person from before; She was asking me if I would vote for McCain.
I told that I don't live at the phone number that she was calling that I was just house sitting, but that "Yes, I was going to vote McCain." Well the accent went away real fast. This woman proceeded to scream in my ear that Obama is where it's at... and then hung up on me.
Tell me if you don't think that is the most racist thing you ever heard. Could you imagine if a McCain caller called up an Hispanic person and faked an accent just so that they could end it the way this Obama Maniac did?
I'm not sure that my father's reticence to declare who he's voting for is entirely unjustified. I can't believe I spent the better part of a half an hour trying to convince him that these people are just harmless polsters only to have it twisted on me.
Like most people I hate it when my parents are right...these Obama people are just like the commie bastards from my father's youth. Bush isn't even out of power yet and I am already nostalgic for the National Security days when at least you could express your opinion and when the people at the top didn't listen you could protest. Who knows what the future holds.