Sunday, October 19, 2008

Education Superintendent Candidate Spending Two Weeks In Africa

As hard as it may seem to believe, Democratic candidate for Superintendent of Public Education Richard Wood has taken a two-week trip to Africa with less than three weeks left in his statewide campaign. His campaign manager tells the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette's Political Notebook that Wood's trip had been planned for more than a year. In other words, he hadn't given a thought about running for the state's top education post until Democratic leaders recruited him five months ago. His opponent, Republican Tony Bennett, got valuable exposure at Gov. Sarah Palin's rally in Noblesville in front of a crowd of more than 25,000. Bennett, along with Republican attorney general candidate Greg Zoeller, delivered an enthusiastic speech to the crowd as part of the warm up for Palin.


Jeff said...

I agree 100% and that is why there is a Dr. Bennett sign in my front yard.


Zappatista said...

Isn't there some whispers that Bennett will step down immediately thus allowing Mitch to select the actual Education Director, who could not effectively run due to some past "issues". I don't know who he is, or if this is even true, but I would assume that you do, so let's have it! What do you know about all this?