Monday, December 12, 2005

Who Needs Sex Education When You Have Fetal Education?

Sen. Jeff Drozda (R), an extremist anti-abortion legislator, has introduced legislation mandating the teaching of human fetal development in our public schools. Under SB 45, high school health education curriculum will be required to include instruction on: the result of human sperm and egg convergence, the resulting development of human conception, the health consequences of early termination of pregnancy, photographic images portraying each state of uterine development, and descriptions of human fetal development.

Keep in mind that the Christian right has fought tooth and nail to prevent the teaching of sex education in our public schools. Each school board sets its own policy for teaching sex education, but if it chooses to teach sex education, state law requires that abstinence must be taught as the only effective protection against unplanned pregnancy. The use of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy is not similarly mandated by state law.

Drozda’s plan is clear. The course being mandated will amount to nothing more than an anti-abortion instructional course courtesy of the taxpayers. Drozda also no doubt intends for pro-life organizations to cash in on this new mandate. SB 45 allows the state to develop “human fetal development education materials” in consultation with the state department of health and “any other appropriate organization.” Guess which organization will be standing in line for a contract to develop these education materials?

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Jeff Newman said...

Jeff Drozda makes Brian Bosma look like Michael Moore.

He is a far-right extremist of the highest order, and his legislative defeat should be sought by moderates on both sides of the aisle.