Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mayor Jim West Undressed By Voters In Recall Election

Mayor Jim West of Spokane, Washington has been undressed by the city’s voters. Today, they voted to recall the anti-gay hypocrite from office by a margin of 65%-35%.

West, if you don’t recall, is the Republican politician who made a career as a leader in the Washington state legislature bashing gays. It turns out that the gay bashing hypocrite is accused of molesting young boys as a boy scout leader and attempted to use the lure of the Spokane mayor’s office to entice young gay men to work as interns for him via an internet gay chat room. Unbeknownst to West, a reporter for the Spokesman-Review posed as one of those young gay men to out West.

West begged voters to give him a second chance, but they rightfully said no. The city council will now choose a replacement to finish the two years remaining in his term.

Does Jim West remind anyone of a certain leader of an anti-gay Christian right organization in Indiana?

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