Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Murphy Favors Affirmative Action For Blacks And Discrimination For Gays

Marion County GOP Chairman Mike Murphy supports affirmative action appointments to broaden the appeal of the Republican Party but favors overt discrimination against gays and lesbians to win votes.

Murphy told WISH-TV that he, along with Gov. Daniels supports the appointment of City-County Councilor Isaac “Ike”Randolph to the senate seat being vacated by Murray Clark because he is African-American, not because he is the most qualified candidate. “They (Gov. Daniels and his staff) also, like I, are interested in expanding the attractiveness of the party, the scope of the party and Isaac Randolph will help us tremendously in that way,” said Murphy.

This is, of course, the same Murphy who imposed Murphy’s Law on Marion County Republican council members earlier this year, which commanded them to vote against gay civil rights so the GOP could use it as a gay-baiting issue against Democratic councilors in the next city election. You see, Murphy believes it is beneficial to alienate every member of the GLBT community from the party because he will make so many more people happy by doing so, namely the anti-gay bigoted Christian right.

As we reported a couple of days ago, Murphy endorsed Randolph over former Dan Burton aide, Mike Delph. Randolph had promised the GLBT community he would support adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s civil rights ordinance, but voted against the HRO last spring. At that time, we believed Delph was the only person opposing Randolph for the appointment. That has changed, and it is now a 3-man race.

Apparently Chairman Murphy wasn’t entirely truthful to Wayne Township Trustee Dan Gammon. “Twice I did tell him that I wouldn't run and then I found out that things were a little different than I was told and it aggravated me enough that I'm gonna run,” Gammon told WISH-TV.

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