Thursday, December 08, 2005

Right To Lifers Make Big Plans for 2006 Session

Indiana Right to Life has a very active legislative agenda planned for the 2006 session of the Indiana General Assembly. Perhaps fearful of Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives in next year's election, the group is going for it all.

According to WFRN the organization plans to introduce legislation to ban embryonic stem cell research in Indiana. Under another proposal the state's informed consent law would be revised to require doctors to tell women seeking an abortion about the "pain their unborn baby will suffer from the procedure." Yet another bill will define the beginning of "life" at conception.

The group also plans to ask the state to interject itself into the debate between pharmacists and their employers over the dispensing of oral contraceptives. The group will propose making it unlawful for a pharmacy to fire a pharmacist who refuses to fill prescription drugs that could cause early abortions based upon his or her religious beliefs.

Between intelligent design and matters of individual privacy, the Christian right's once again going to be quite busy trying to legislatively impose their religious beliefs on Hoosiers.


Doug said...

Sen. Drozda has introduced SB 4 which doesn't seem to be limited to pharmacists dispensing contraception. To me the wording is broad enough to include checkout clerks at Walmart who don't want to ring up condoms.

"No person shall be required, as a condition of training, employment, pay, promotion, or privileges, to . . . dispense a birth control device or medication."

My post on Sen. Drozda's fixation on the reproductive process here.

Gary R. Welsh said...


Thanks for your insightful analysis. I know the pharamacies aren't happy with it. It would set a terrible precedent to enact this type of legislation.

Drozda is a big time hypocrite. He's not at all sincere about his supposed religious views. Recall, that this is the same guy that was caught taking money from gambling interests for a phoney consulting contract. As a former lobbyist myself, he's the type of legislator that just made my blood boil. Then again, this guy started as a lobbist.