Friday, December 23, 2005

Howey's Words of Praise For Keller And Langsford

State House political commentator Brian Howey has some kind words of praise for Indianapolis Republican councilors Scott Keller and Lance Langsford, both of whom broke ranks with their party to join Democrats in passing the historic Human Rights Ordinance and police merger ordinance.

This happened because there are Democrats and Republicans who are wise enough to do what’s right for the future of their communities, delaying the partisanship until the months immediately before the next election.Statehouse Democrats should pay heed to the wonderful innovators in their party, the Viscloskys and Petersons. They should study the courage of legislators like Keller and Langsford (who, incidentally, will be heading to serve his country in Iraq in the next few months) who had the wisdom to do what’s right, instead of what was politically expediant.

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