Wednesday, December 07, 2005

To Defy Ban On Jesus Or Not To Defy?

The question is: Which of these three men belongs to Hair Club for Men? Just kidding.

House Speaker Brian Bosma is accepting counsel on how best to respond to Judge David Hamilton's federal court order that the House of Repesentatives refrain from allowing prayers at the start of each business day with overt references to Christianity or other religious faiths to the exclusion of others.

Rep. Terry Goodin (D) has urged Bosma to defy the order. Bosma says that's easy for him to say. "He's not admitted to practice in the southern district courts; federal courts,” said Bosma, who is, reports WISH-TV.

Attorney General Steve Carter is counseling Bosma on how best to respond. The options include asking Judge Hamilton to reconsider his opinion, appeal it to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals or do nothing. Carter's office said it will probably not have an announcement until the first deadline, which is next Tuesday.

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