Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Marion County GOP Says No To Affirmative Action Appointment

Marion County GOP chairman Mike Murphy’s attempt to impose an affirmative action appointment to the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Murray Clark has been aborted according to the Star’s Matt Tully.

Murphy, along with Gov. Daniels, told precinct committeemen their man to replace Clark was Isaac Randolph, a Republican and African-American member of the Indianapolis City-County Council. Tully writes: “But instead of embracing the idea of diversity, local Republicans began to fight. It wasn't pretty. Some were angry that leaders talked about the benefits of diversity. They were oddly bothered by their party's push for inclusiveness. They didn't just gripe. They urged others to enter the race.”

Wayne Township Trustee Dan Gammon and Hamilton County resident and former Dan Burton aide, Mike Delph both entered the race. “Soon, Randolph was losing,” Tully said.

To avoid a big-time embarrassment, party leaders have brokered a deal.  According to Tully, Gammon will be appointed to fill out the remaining year of Clark’s term but won’t seek re-election to the seat. Randolph will run for the seat next year with the backing of Gammon. And what about Delph? Well, he’s still running as of now.

Somehow this story will probably not end here. Advance Indiana doubts Randolph will get an easy ride. Whatever happens, Randolph will continue to receive grief from the GLBT community for breaking his promise to support adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s human rights ordinance.

Randolph barely won his race for the council in 2003 with the support of the GLBT community. Most doubt that he can get re-elected to the seat if for no other reason than the district has changed demographically in favor of the Democrats.

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