Friday, December 09, 2005

Talley Rally's For HRO

Indiananapolis City-Couty Council President Steve Talley has publicly declared his support for Proposal 622, the Human Rights Ordinance, making him the second coucilor who voted against the HRO last Spring to switch positions. Republican Lance Langsford announced last summer he intended to change his position and become a sponsor of the HRO.

With Talley's announcement, the gay rights measure is now just two votes shy of the 15 votes which are necessary for passage by the council. Talley is also a member of the Rules & Public Policy Committee, which is now expected to vote out Proposal 622 next Tuesday, December 13, 2005, sending it to the full council. The Star also reported that Councilor Ron Gibson, another Democratic councilor who voted against the HRO last spring is leaning in favor of it now.

Lacking in courage, Democratic councilor Patrice Abdullah told the Star he would vote for the HRO only if it had the votes needed for passage but that he would not cast the decisive vote. Abduallah has been under intense fire from the GLBT community and the Democrat Party since he voted against the HRO last spring. His council district is believed to have more gays and lesbians living in it than in any other district.

The Region 8 Indiana Equality Steering Committee and, in particular, its leader Bil Browning, deserve much of the credit for convincing Talley to support the HRO. The Committee has built a successful grassroots campaign to educate the council and the community about the need for a non-discrimination law.

Full council action is expected on the HRO by early January. That is when Councilor Ron Langsford is expected to be recalled for duty in the Indiana National Guard. Supporters want a vote taken before Langsford leaves for duty.

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