Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dr Vincent Alig And Ginny Cain: Like Father Like Daughter

Dr. Vincent Alig, a local psychiatrist, testified at Monday night’s hearing on Proposal 622 that homosexuality is a mental disorder. Many audience members supportive of the HRO were astounded to hear such testimony from a medical professional, as every major medical organization, including his own, has accepted for decades that sexual orientation is biologically or genetically determined.

Rainbow Chamber President Chris Douglas rightfully testified after Dr. Alig that he was a disgrace to his profession. We mentioned in our earlier reporting on the hearing that the anti-gay bigoted Councilor Ginny Cain was on hand to lend moral support to the Christian right leaders speaking against Proposal 622. What we didn’t know is that Ginny Cain is the daughter of none other than Dr. Alig. Now we know the answer to where she learned her bigotry thanks to the sleuthing of Lori Morris.

A little more sleuthing by Morris also picks up on the fact that Dr. Alig was at the center of the controversy surrounding the handling of the guardianship for wealthy heiress Ruth Lilly. It seems that Dr. Alig, who was treating Ms. Lilly, was also filing questionable affidavits with the court attesting under penalties of perjury that Ms. Lilly was not capable of attending court because of her mental and physical condition. But at the same time, Alig was instrumental in helping to arrange lavish trips throughout the world for Lilly that he and other medical staff, attorneys and family friends accompanied her on courtesy of Ms. Lilly’s bountiful estate.

A WTHR investigation reported in part about Alig’s role: “Her doctors regularly file affidavits to explain her absence. In one such affidavit, filed May 13, psychiatrist Vincent Alig said ‘it would not be in Ruth Lilly's interest healthwise to be present in court.’ But just two weeks later, we videotaped Lilly preparing to board the flight to Italy. And the judge approved that trip because of another doctor's note that said she was physically and mentally capable to travel. We wanted to ask Lilly: Why the turnabout? But Ewbank said she didn't want to talk to us. For that matter, he said, she didn't want anyone speaking for her. ‘I told you, I've been asked by Mrs. Lilly not to discuss anything personal,’ he said.Alig, Lilly's longtime psychiatrist, is said by sources to be instrumental in the decisions about travel. And his niece, Cindy Wacker, works on Ruth Lilly's account at Ross & Babcock, Lilly's travel agency. But Alig didn't have any comment. ‘I don't know anything about anything,’ he said.”

Chris Douglas is right for more reasons than one. Dr. Alig is a disgrace, just like his hateful daughter.


Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason I recognized his name, and it wasn't from his connection to Cain. It was from the Ruth Lilly case.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he bought his degree online?

Annette said...

It seems Ginny Cain learned how to hate from her father. I find their behavior disgraceful. I would like to see someone LEGITIMATE from the psychiatric community attend the hearing Tuesday night and refute the outrageous lies told by "Dr." Alig.