Friday, April 25, 2008

The State That Shines On Carson

Your representative in Congress raised a cool $41,490.15 during a 48-hour period this week according to a filing with the FEC. I'm down in Miami Beach, Florida this weekend and it seems U.S. Rep. Andre Carson was down here this week doing a little fundraising as well. Who knew he had so many friends in South Florida? Who knew the 7th District is occupied by Cuban-Americans clamoring for a continued trade embargo against Castro's Cuba? Perhaps U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings helped organize this fundraiser for Carson. He's one of only six federal judges to be impeached and removed from office in the history of America. Hastings accepted a $150,000 bribe in exchange for a lenient sentence according to federal prosecutors. He escaped a criminal conviction when a key witness got cold feet and refused to testify; however, that didn't stop Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel and John Conyers from voting to impeach him. Here's a sample of who was forking over big bucks in South Florida to finance your congressman's political campaign:

US-Cuba Democracy PAC ($3,000)
Hastings for Congress ($1,000)
Democrats Win Seats ($3,000)
Suhail Naji ($1,000)
Pedro Munilla ($1,000)
Khalid Mirza ($1,000)
Gus Machado ($1,690.15)
Muhammed Rashid Abbara ($1,500)

On that same day (April 22), Carson received a $2,000 contribution from a New Jersey attorney by the name of Jeh Johnson, $1,000 from a New Jersey attorney for MTV, Rhonda Medina, and $1,000 from Najam Najmi of Roseville, California. What possible interest any of these people have in who represents the 7th District in Congress is any body's guess. Dr. Woody Myers' campaign was right. Andre Carson is a living caricature of the Thomas Jefferson character who actor Eddie Murphy portrayed in "The Distinguished Gentleman". In the short time he has been involved in elective politics, he has exercised reckless abandon in auctioning himself off to the highest bidder. Nobody said a damn thing when, as his first act as a newly-appointed City-County Councilor, he quit his job as a state excise police officer to accept a lobbying job with a major city contractor. Carson has repeatedly stated a campaign pledge to fight against the DC lobbyists and CEOs who have too much power in government. The funny thing is that he is the only candidate, Republican or Democrat, in the 7th District who is taking money from these folks. Andre Carson is a living example of just how bastardized our political system has become. If you think he went to Washington to represent you, then you must believe in the tooth fairy as well.

For a highly sanitized analysis of Carson's fundraising, check out Maureen Groppe's report in the Star. She should be holding her head in shame for missing the real story here. The Star's Brendan O'Shaughnessy also does a feature story on State Rep. David Orenlticher's 7th District campaign.


Anonymous said...

Is Jon Elrod down there in South Beach, too?


Good work, Gary! Thanks.

Last night I watched part of a very enlightening documentary on photographers in Cuba. It went inside their lives and showed us what they see through their lens and also what they go through to be artists.

I was struck with the thought that it is time that Cuba and America made up and we help Cuba regain its former glory.

Independent Lens was the documentary. Politics through the artist's eye.

Also, feeling elated about Brazil's recent oil news, but we have got to get off the fossil fuel tit soon. The technology to harness free energy from even the vacuum is already here.

artfuggins said...

and your point is.....? Look at the contributors of Orentlicher and Woody Myers....Myers only had 22 contributors besides himself and only two were from Indiana....


artfuggins...see how easily the sheeple get caught up in the "lesser evil"? When will they learn and start voting in mass for third party and independent candidates?

indyernie said...

Gary you are a beacon of light in a dreary seeming endless night of influence pedaling and sellout by the Carson Team.
Everyone from Andre down to the guy or gal making the coffee runs are guilty of abusing the voters in the 7th district.
Andre Carson is prostituting himself instead of representing Indy in the 7th. Andre Carson is nothing more than a whore who will perform whatever on the cheap.
His staff is nothing more than pimps. I expect that kind of activity from the likes of Tony Duncan but I expected more from Melinda Kennedy, Erin and some others.
Keep up the good work Gary with any luck we will be done with the Whorehouse of Carson and Company soon..

Concerned Taxpayer said...

It's OK, folks, don't worry...he's black.

artfuggins said...

I find IndyErnie comments offensive and inappropriate and would like to see the moderator remove them. Let's disagree on the issues but the offensive language and name calling there is too much.

Flynn said...

Art, does it matter that those "inappropriate" and "offensive" references to Carson are true? He really is an embarassment to the Democratic Party. They have 3 other people, at least, who are supremely qualified for the position and they'll probably end up nominating the embarassment known as Andre Carson to run again.

artfuggins said...

I am talking about his references to whores. pimps, and prostitutes...this language is unacceptable and I hope you are not trying to make a case for that kind of language.

Bart Lies said...

I find Ernie's comments pretty damn accurate. Convince Andre to shape up and the 'offensive' (but true) remarks might end.

Flynn said...

Art, actually he doesn't refer to "prostitutes" he refers to "prostituting"... a verb. How is that not what Carson has done?

indyernie said...

"I am talking about his references to whores. pimps, and prostitutes...this language is unacceptable and I hope you are not trying to make a case for that kind of language."

What’s wrong Art is reality to harsh for you?

A “whore” sells him/herself for cash or drugs to anyone willing to pay.

Artfuggins meet Congressman Andre Carson Indiana’s 7th district whore.

A "pimp" acts as a manager for the prostitute (whore) and provides services such as
protection and arraigning encounters.

Artfuggins, meet the Carson for Congress staff. Tony Duncan, Melinda Kennedy, Erin etc.

Don't like what you see Art? Tell Carson and Co. to quit.

“this language is unacceptable “

Mr. Webster defines,

Whore (hor) n. an unchaste woman; a prostitute.-v.i. 1, act as a whore. 2, consort with whores.

Pimp n. an agent or exploiter of prostitutes. v.i. pander.

Since this is equal opportunity country men too can be and are whores.

This language is used daily across the country. Ask Andre Carson, he sold out on his first day in DC. As an elected congressman, Andre Carson took cash for favors. That makes him a whore.

Advance Indiana said...

It should be obvious to regular AI readers that Wilson Allen, who has been banned from commenting on this site, is using fictitious names to post comments here. Mr. Allen's number one priority should be taking care of the problems with his home that his neighbors have been continually complaining to the city about. A neighbor of his e-mailed me to advise me that Judge Keele this week ordered him to make the necessary repairs to his home by May 29 or face a $1,000fine.

Indy4U2C said...

...pitiful, Wilson

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I love the 1st Amendment said...

I do not understand your obsession with contributors outside of Indiana. A US Congressman and Senator votes on issues that affect the entire US, hence the designation. I care who is elected from other districts in this state and other states, because their votes affect me. Your implication that voters should only care about or donate to the politicians in their district means that we really should not care who is President because none of the candidates are from Indiana, let alone the district. Let's stop taking things personally and start using logic.

Bart Lies said...

Uh, the designation is 'representative', prefixed with a specific District. That person's primary responsibility is to represent that district, not one 1000 miles away, and not some deep-pockets entity - not even IN the district - caring only about it's own benefit with no regard to the people of the district.

Further, representation means voting on the matters before Congress, not skipping-out, 'forgetting', encountering 'mixups' or otherwise making excuses for not voting.

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
artfuggins said...

Language lesson....if you accuse someone of prostituting themselves [a verb] ...doesn't make them a prostitute...[a noun] still an inappropriate and offensive way to refer to candidates.....let's discuss issue differences......

Indy4U2C said...

Wilson, you're banned.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, are you finally admitting that Carson DID infact miss those votes that he was accused of mising? So much for that promise he made, right?

artfuggins said...

Orentlicher now has radio spots being done by republican Tommy Brown.......I wonder how much good that will do. He must be desperate to have republicans doing radio spots for a candidate in the Democratic primary.

indyernie said...

"still an inappropriate and offensive way to refer to candidates."

We don't have a class system in America.
Being an elected office holder doesn't make one a God or the ruler of another.
One can lower his standards as Carson has done (I’m giving him some credit as though he ever had standards) and one can sell himself to the highest bidder as Carson has done.

I believe Andre Carson acts in inappropriate, offensive, unacceptable and disgusting ways.
Andre Carson isn't only a whore he's the cheap street corner type. You know the mini-shirted, torn fishnet stocking type who smells of cheap perfume.
He would be better served not to loiter too long in one place, he might get arrested.

artfuggins said...

oh, IndyErnie. I dont hate you. Ijust pity you.

indyernie said...

I don't hate you either Art, and I don't need or want your pity.
I suspect that you are on the Carson team, staff member? Some think you are Wilson and maybe you are, who cares?
I hear Wilson was told in very plain words to cool it and quit speaking for that will ever happen, them being sidekicks.
Besides Wilson is smarter than Carson. Carson needs Wilson to help him make decisions, right?

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
indyernie said...

“"I have never been told to "cool it and quit speaking for AndrĂ©"“

Wilson finally admits that he is a spokesperson for Congressman Andre Carson.

Just as I thought, Carson isn't smart enough to think on his own.

Thanks for the conformation Wilson.

Anonymous said...

I am talking about his references to whores. pimps, and prostitutes...this language is unacceptable and I hope you are not trying to make a case for that kind of language.

I agree, is wrong to whores, pimps, and prostitutes when you compare them to Andre Carson or any other politician. At least whores, pimps, and prostitutes are up-front and honest about what they do!!

Wilson46201 said...
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