Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CIB Pays Attorney Fees To End Lawsuit

As part of a settlement of the taxpayer lawsuit against the CIB over the sale of RCA Dome memorabilia, the CIB has agreed to pay attorney Paul Ogden's law firm $7,900 for the attorneys' fees the firm incurred in bringing the suit. According to the Star, the settlement agreement is expected to be approved at the CIB's April board meeting.


POPA said...

Are there any lawyers who can show me how to bill $8,000 in just drafting a complaint? I'm apparently doing this all wrong!

Unknown said...

Iopaa, you really think the only thing that was done was drafting a complaint? You do realize that not all work of attorneys shows up in court files? It sounds to me like their bill is quite low in comparision to what other firms would charge? I bet you the firms defending CIB and the other defendants made more money and they didn't file anything.

POPA said...


Being a lawyer and all, yeah, I know that not everything a lawyer does shows up in court files, but I also know that forty hours at $200/hour equals $8,000, and I'd be curious how somebody spent an entire week on something that could have been done by reading one story about the CIB selling property, verifying who owned what, and drafting the complaint. What else was there?