Monday, April 14, 2008

7th District Poll Update

Last week, I shared with you poll results a Democratic source shared with me, which allegedly was conducted by the Democratic Party for the benefit of the 7th District U.S. Rep. Andre Carson. The poll showed Carson in a close second behind State Rep. David Orentlicher and only one point ahead of Dr. Woody Myers. State Rep. Carolene Mays trailed in fourth. A respondent of a recent poll, which I believe was probably the same poll, shared the following questions which were asked by the caller. I'll leave it to readers to speculate on who conducted this poll. Here are the questions to the best of the respondent's recollection:

1) Direction of the County – right track/wrong track

2) What issues facing Congress do you think are most important to have addressed on a scale of 1-10? Asked in the following order
a. Schools
b. Medicare
c. Getting the troops out of Iraq
d. Greater protections for 401k and qualified retirement accounts
e. Bringing jobs to Indiana
f. Property tax
g. Home mortgage crisis
h. Price gouging at the pumps
i. Childcare
j. Funding for law enforcement (not sure how this would be addressed at the federal level)
k. Curbing lobbyist interests
l. Terrorism
m. Universal healthcare

3) On a scale of 1-100 with 1 being very cold feelings and 100 being a love fest (my words not there’s) how would you rate the following people.

a. HRC
b. Woody Myers
c. Dr. O
d. Sheriff Frank Anderson
e. Andre
f. Mayes

4) If the election for POTUS was today, for whom would you vote?

5) If the election for 7th was today, for whom would you vote? Then listed Woody, Andre, Carolene and Dr. O.

6) Then the person read a candidate statement for Andre.

a. Build on his grandmother’s legacy
b. There was A LOT of info about Julia in the statement
c. Cited Andre was in law enforcement for 10 years.
d. Lives in Fall Creek Place w/ wife and 1 year old daughter
e. Helping working families

7) Are you more or less likely to vote for Andre based on the statement? I said less likely.

8) Then read a story about Woody Myers.
a. Mostly the text from Woody’s first commercial including the Ryan White line.
b. NYC health commissioner
c. Joined Wellpoint and moved to CA.

9) More or less likely to vote for Woody based on statement?

10) Rate your feelings of Andre’s statements on a scale of 1-10.
a. Julia raised him.
b. He is opposed to Iraq
c. something about middle class property tax relief
d. something about crime

11) I don’t think anyone else tested positives but I was switching phones at the time and didn’t write any of this down.

12) Then the person read negative statements and asked on a scale of 1-10 how influential that would be in your vote.

a. Started with Dr. O
i. Wrote a cloning article about same sex couples having "biological" children
ii. Did not vote on property tax relief although he was sitting at his desk
iii. One other question the respondent couldn't recall

b. Woody
i. Made tons of money working for an insurance company
ii. Used his M.D. experience to make decisions on who would get medical coverage denied.
iii. Lives in a taxpayer subsidized million-dollar condo at the Conrad Hilton.

c. Andre
i. Failed the law enforcement exam using Julia's political pull to get a job.
ii. Andre is Muslim
iii. Others respondents couldn't recall.

13) What is your level of education?

14) What is your family income? Listed categories

15) Race

16) What is your age?

On another note. State Rep. David Orentlicher has launched his first television ad. It uses a bit of humor to help introduce him to voters. You can view it by clicking here. Interestingly, Orentlicher's campaign cancelled a press conference scheduled for this afternoon at which he planned to announce a number of state and local elected officials who were endorsing his campaign. The campaign, instead, released his new TV spot through a press release sent out by e-mail. Adding to today's humor, U.S. Rep. Andre Carson mistakes "switch grass" for "switchblade grass" during a press conference promoting the use of alternative fuels to help in bringing down fuel prices.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Queue Wilson's redirection attempts in... 3...2...1...!

Wilson46201 said...

While some can't cut through the political clutter, our Democratic Congressman André Carson speaks on TV:

IndyFacts said...

Whoever advised David O. on this ad should get a bonus from THE OTHER CANDIDATES!

First, the ad listed his website address at the bottom of the screen as his last name for If people can't say it, they sure can't spell it (even if they see it for 23 second in the ad, competing with all the other type on the screen) !

Second, the only audio in the ad that gives you an idea about what this guy is running for is the voiceover asking "Who's running for Congress to...?" (One time).

His probably hoping that the media will think his humor's laughable and give it some free air play.

Wilson46201 said...

So where's the hard-hitting, humorous, factual and informative Mays TV spots, IndyFacts?

IndyFacts said...

About the phone survey,I think I like it.

The survey addresses THE PROBLEMS

Although the survey does not promote a candidate, it seems clear that the only major candidate that did not need to be "exposed"
is Carolene Mays.

According to Wilson, being a Christian seems to be the major fault of Mays. Personally, I believe that Carolene's faith is a positive thing.

If you study all the candidates, you may see that the best candidate is Carolene

Wilson46201 said...

It's Mays cynical usage of Christianity with her new-found giant crucifix that's objectionable. Don't try to make her into some sort of martyr for her faith - she's exploiting it for her personal partisan political advantage. It's pandering at its worst!

She figured her 2 principal opponents would be a Moslem and a Jew but Methodist Woody Myers has thrown her scheme for a loop.

By the way, you still didn't answer when all those Mays TV spots will be saturating the airwaves...

FiniFinito said...

Like I said over at Blue Indiana about this ad, it is cute and all but as an ad its a dog. The only issue it discusses is property taxes, not a federal issue at all, and the cute kids getting his name right while adults stumble over it is a bit disingenuous. The guy has great name recognition here, the idea people don't know how to pronounce his name is akin to calling the voters stupid.

Wilson46201 said...

Just for the fun of it, try Googling "switchblade grass"...

indyernie said...

The least qualified candidate is Andre Carson. Ads or no ads the voters in the 7th have never had this much talent to choose from in the past. Carson is toast. Andre Carson can't go on TV and slam lobbyists and then take their money. Carson is beholding to special interest and lobbyist already. Unless he is a deadbeat he will soon have to repay the debt. The voters in the 7th are a well-informed group, they will see through his lies.

Wilson46201 said...

After earlier calling our Congressman André Carson a terrorist and a traitor, nobody takes the political sputterings of Ernie Shearer seriously...

indyernie said...

He is what he is Wilson.

Andre Carson is known to associate with terrorists.

Andre Carson lies to the voters in the 7th.

Andre Carson threatens citizens when asked simple questions.

Andre Carson is the least qualified candidate in both parties running for the seat.

Andre Carson is too “Chicken” to face questions here or anywhere without a mouthpiece telling him what to say.

Wilson you have never answered the Andre Carson your “sidekick” or are you his?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I'm sorry, but you are delusional if you think that Andre is more qualified than David, Caroline and Woody. Delusional!

Anonymous said...

(Blogger/Google is really starting to p*ss me off! Ugh! Guess I'll just use this name on here instead.)

Wilson46201 said...

Voters felt André Carson was more qualified than Jon Elrod to be our Congressman from Indianapolis. The voters will make the same decision about qualifications when they re-elect Congressman André Carson over his 7 challengers...

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I know you are programmed to just spew "talking points" all day long, but can you answer my question?

Do YOU, honestly and truly believe, that Andre is MORE QUALIFIED than Woody, David and Caroline?

And "last name" isnt a valid qualification to base your belief on.

Wilson46201 said...

In the USA, voters decide the qualifications of the Congresspeople they elect. Our Constitution merely states they must be 25 and a resident of the state for a year.

Congressman André Carson was just recently chosen by the majority of the voters themselves to be their Representative. They felt he was qualified for the job!

indyernie said...

Andre Carson isn't qualified to be dogcatcher.

Without someone telling him how to vote he would he would have to flip a coin.... which isn’t a bad idea. At least he would have a 50/50 chance of casting a vote that could benefit the 7th.

Anonymous said...

Just as I expected, Wilson cant answer a simple question. He can only spew out "talking points" and ridiculous "spin". Proving just how little he actually adds to the worth of the conversation. Pathetic.

Wilson46201 said...

...and name-calling from anonymous nobodies is somehow superior to reminding folk of how our U.S. Constitution works?

Anonymous said...

Nobody here needs to be reminded how the Constitution works, we're not morons. People attempt to have honest conversations about this election, policies qualifications etc, and you come in here and add NOTHING to the conversation. Absolutely nothing. You bring your smoke and mirrors trying to distract us from the topic at hand. If you have nothing of worth to add to the conversation, dont post anything, and we wont have to change the subject and start attacking you, instead. You bring it on yourself.

Unknown said...

Wilson, you actually think akk voters base their decision on who they think is the most qualified? You can't be serious.

Be honest though, surely you would agree that of the four Democratic candidates, Andre Carson is the least qualified? Surely you would admit that.

Wilson46201 said...

Good citizens discuss issues.
Good voters discuss candidates.
aryq46254 discusses me.

Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Same old line you always pull out, Wilson... Except your own line makes you out to be neither a good citizen or a good voter, because you cant stay on track. You dont discuss anything of value. Its always smoke and mirrors with you. You STILL havnt answered my questions from earlier. Why not? Because you dont wanna admit that you KNOW that Andre is obviously NOT the most qualified candidate? Well good for you.

Anonymous said...

Its ok Wilson, keep digging your own grave. I dont think your posts do Andre *any* good, honestly. I think you do more damage to his campaign than you help it. So if you want to keep at it, keep at it. I know if I were on the fence, and I were reading your posts, I'd turn the other direction and definitely look hard at other candidates, if you're the voice of the Carson campaign. Luckily I'm not on the fence... and I have a very good feeling the 7th district is gonna get a great big WOODY in May!

indyernie said...

"if you're the voice of the Carson campaign."

You can bet a paycheck on it. Wilson is the mouthpiece for the Carson campaign. Carson isn't capable of speaking for himself.