Friday, October 05, 2007

Amos Brown Continues To Fuel Politics Of Race

Amos Brown penned an opinion piece in the Indianapolis Recorder recently under the guise of dispelling the myth that most blacks in Marion County live in Center Township. A closer examination reveals this to be a mere pretext for promoting racial polarization in voting. "Many whites can't understand the growing strength of Democratic political power in Indianapolis/Marion County," Brown writes. "It's simple. The growth has been directly fueled by the numerical growth and geographic spread of the African-American population into all areas of this city/county," he concludes. Because blacks represent one-in-four total voters, he surmises "Democrats can't win without the black voter." Conversely, he notes that Republicans can only win "if they command disproportionately higher margins of support from white voters."

Brown boasts that African-Americans are "now the fulcrum of political power in Indianapolis." Shockingly, Brown asserts that it's "a demographic reality few of our Black leaders really understand." Is he kidding? African-Americans have been holding the Marion Co. Democratic Party hostage to its demand for more and more political power for years. Sadly, the "Black leaders" to whom Brown refers have used their political power in a manner that sometimes has been harmful to the public, including members of the black community. It's no secret that Marion County Democrats by affirmative action award blacks one-third of the seats on the city-county council, a greater percentage than the demographic percentage Brown acknowledges that blacks represent in Marion County. Fully 75% of the at-large seats are given to blacks to ensure the magical one-third number is reached. It is also no secret that the council leader's position, by fiat, must be a black council member. Rozelle Boyd was the first Democratic President of the CCC. When Democrats quickly grew frustrated with him, they sought to replace him with Monroe Gray, only to be thwarted by a rump group within their caucus who teamed up with GOP members to select Steve Tally, another African-American. The following year Democrats reunited and dumped Tally in favor of Gray, who has been an unmitigated disaster as CCC President. The Democrat's caucus leader, Lonnell Conley, is also African-American.

Democrats have similarly allocated one-third of the county-wide offices to African-Americans in recent elections. Sheriff Frank Anderson became the first county-wide elected official, although black Republican candidates won county-wide races prior to that as at-large council candidates and at-large state representatives when Marion County still elected legislators at-large. Two years later, in the race for Coroner Democrats shoved aside a highly-qualified, white deputy coroner when then-county chairman Ed Treacy and U.S. Rep. Julia Carson imposed at the last minute chiropractor Kenneth Ackles on county Democrats at the slating convention. Ackles presented no credentials to Democratic committeeman other than he was black and would hire more blacks in the coroner's office if he was elected. He won and kept his promise. In last year's election, Democrats elevated State Senator Billie Breaux to the Auditor's office, giving blacks one-third of the nine, elected countywide offices.

There's no better example of the Democrats' politics of race than what we've seen with the 7th congressional district. Black leaders laid down the gauntlet when U.S. Rep. Andy Jacobs (D) retired in 1996 and demanded the seat for one of their own, Julia Carson. To this day, Ann DeLaney is despised by many of these black leaders for daring to challenge Carson's entitlement to the seat because of her race. Marion County Democrats have steadfastly defended her in the face of ever-increasing evidence she is one of the least effective members in Congress and severely hampered by chronic health problems which have caused long-term absences from her congressional duties. But as talk of her successor mounts, you only hear the names of African-Americans as her potential replacement. The message is loud and clear to other well-qualified white Democrats like David Orentlicher and Melina Kennedy to not even think about running for this seat.

If you examine this hard evidence, it is unmistakable to most political observers in Marion County that blacks fully recognize the extent of their political power within the Democratic Party and they are exercising it to the maximum, even if it means pushing corrupt or unqualified candidates like Monroe Gray and Kenneth Ackles on the public. The Democrats' strategy of using racial politics to win in Marion County has proven successful in recent elections. But are Democrats taking it too far? Are white voters feeling short-changed when unqualified and corrupt Democrats are being promoted and supported by the party simply because of the racial demands of a handful of "Black leaders"? Is there a relationship between this new culture of corruption Democrats have ushered in with their new-found power and the frightening rise in crime and taxes? If so, is this causing the start of a process whereby white voters in Marion County are beginning to polarize against Democrats the way black voters are polarized against the GOP?

Let me share with you a statement Brown made in his column, which I believe has the effect of creating greater racial tensions in this year's election and only promotes more polarization. Brown, who lambastes all Republicans, black or white, on an almost daily basis, complains in his column that GOP mayoral hopeful Greg Ballard is not reaching out to black voters. Brown warns that "time's running out for Ballard to make his case to our community." He then hurls an inflammatory barb at Indianapolis' law enforcement community. "The Fraternal Order of Police endorsement doesn't help [Ballard] with black voters," he declared. Implicitly, Brown unfairly stereotypes all police officers as anti-black, even though blacks are proportionately represented in the ranks of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and an African-American, Earl Morgan, is in charge of Public Safety. Brown also conveniently omits the fact that one of the city's most distinguished black police officers, Robert Turner, is backing Ballard.

Brown may have disdain for law enforcement, but I suspect most voters see the police as the trusted friend they're counting on to get them through the latest upswing in crime in our city. What Brown is really trying to do is use the police as a whipping boy to perpetuate the polarization of black voters in Marion County elections. It's a strategy that has worked in the past, but white voters might give Democrats a dose of their own medicine if they don't knock off the politics of race real soon. None of this is healthy for race relations in our city. Brown and his fellow Democrats would be wise to heed the thoughtful words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred." And as King eloquently put it, let's not allow a person to be "judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."


Anonymous said...

First, Brown asserts that blacks are one in four voters in Marion County but in the Democratic vote total and primaries, the black vote is much higher...maybe even the 1/3 that you claim that is on the fair is fair....There is only one black republican on the council now and he is not running for reelection. There are no black repubicans running for council now who have a realistic chance of winning....AND some overwhelmingly black majority districts are running white why would black voters support the local GOP?

Anonymous said...

Brown is an ignorant and small-minded racist! He is Louis Farrakhan's right hand man.

If Amos Brown woke up tomorrow and there were no poverty, crime, illegal drugs, unwed mothers, or teen mothers he would not be happy, because the source of his bigotry and income ($$$) would be gone.

Amos Brown is a every aspect of the term: life, knowledge, relationships, and self.

Sir Hailstone said...

"There are no black repubicans running for council now who have a realistic chance of winning"

Bruce Henry in District 1. Good chance of keeping District 1 in our column.

Kent Smith as an At-large has a tough but winnable battle. Might be the recipient of some luck if Ron Gibson gets convicted this month.

Barb Malone - No chance.

Wilson46201 said...

The Indianapolis GOP has severe electoral problems in the African-American community. Last year Black attorney Darla Y Williams ran for Center Township Small Claims Court Judge. She lost better than 3-to-1 in the Township. In her own home precinct which is overwhelmingly African-American, she lost 166 to 11. Her own neighbors wouldnt vote for her. Those are very tough numbers for the Republicans to overcome.

In the 30+ years of GOP domination of UniGov, they never once ran a Black Republican for a winnable county office. Democrat Frank Anderson 5 years ago was the very first African-American ever elected to a Marion County office. Just last year Democrat Billie Breaux was the first ever Black woman elected to a county office. The GOP had the power for 30+ years but they shut out even Black Republicans.

Of course, the GOPs racism problems are bigger than Indianapolis. There are no Black Republicans in either our Legislature or in Congress. All the Black elected Legislators or Congresspeople are Democrats.

Wilson46201 said...

AdvanceIndiana said: "It's no secret that Marion County Democrats by affirmative action award blacks one-third of the seats on the city-county council..."

Do you have any proof whatsoever of that alleged secret? I've never heard of it before from anybody and I'm a tad more involved with Black Democrats than most folk. I suspect it was just something conjured up out of thin air to invoke the specter of "affirmative action" so white Republicans could recoil in mock horror.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Wilson deflects...

Brown's blatantly racist monotone is a one-trick pony. He backs it up with his "corporate" job--as "director of research" for Radio One nationwide. It's a pathetic resume-padder.

Brown also unabashedly trolls for ad dollars for the Recorder and his radio station. Borderline extortion.

Mostly, though, his pathetic radio show has degenerated into an audio Angie's List, where he practices law without a license and tells folks: "Call (fill in the blank) to solve this problem, and tell them Amos told you to call."

It's laughable.

But, Hail, you can dream all you want: Henry and Smith will not win.
Check your figures and history: the at-large Dem candidate who has trailed the rest of the ticket consistently, is King Ro. And it's odd, because, on the alphabetical ballot, you have to step over him to not vote for him. His brash and arrogant push for a job for his incompetent wife, will cost him even more votes this year. Gibson's safe.

The sad truth is, 85% of the AI post is correct. And it could have been 150% true, years earlier, if the Center Township Democrats got off their dead asses and turned out voters.

They typically turn out 20-25% of their vote for non-presidential generals. Even in prez years, their turnout is 50-60% of the rest of the county. Compared to every other township, that's pathetic. They played that poor turnout into an Oz-like power that never really was. Consequently, there are a few extortionist Center ward chairs who have consistently played Kingmaker with veiled threats, mostly aimed at anyone who would dare oppose a black candidate.

Burennta Sloss Tanner and her ilk have ridden this paper tiger about as long as they can. Most everyone knows, but won't talk about, the rumored cash payoffs some of these power brokers have oft demanded. Using Brown's own figures, which are correct, the black population has spread, mostly to Washington but also to Lawrence. The number of black (mostly Dem) voters hasn't risen proportionately, but their influence has diminished in Center due to this gentrification.

MLK would be ashamed of the brazen racism some of these Dem "leaders" have imposed.

Their presence among leadership at the Council, for instance, has caused untold grief for the mayor. Threatened by a one-vote Dem margin, among that margin the n'er-far-from looney Sherrron Franklin, the Mayor's folks feel compelled not to rock the boat. Let's hope that ends after Nov. 6. I am sure the 25th floor is fed up with this ridiculous caste system. It definitely inhibits good government.

The game is almost over.

Anonymous said...

uh, Wilson...the one-third thing may be a stretch--the blatant was never fully spoken, BUT:

When a new council prez was needed, many of the blacks on the council flatly denied the seat to anyone except one of their own. Qualifications be damned. We got Monroe.

And they'll rue the day, because Monroe is a disgrace. Rozelle wasn't a good leader, but he wasn't this unethical.

And, King Ro emotionally told fellow council Dems in caucus, during a zoning case appeal late last year, that they had to back his wife's stupid decision.

And, why do you think the 300 East investors sought out MRS. Gray as a "partner", without her putting up a dime, knowing full well what everyone else knows--that the Grays are flat-broke, somuch so that his city wages are being garnished to pay a court judgment from a failed wink-wink "concrete" company?

And why do you think city inspectors were reluctant to force themselves too quickly, on highly improper procedures used to gain permits for The Savoy, owned by prominent black businessman Bill Mays, who didn't hesitate to drop the race card when he was finally asked to adhere to the same rules everyone else does? Those inspectors are subject to the same retaliation from superiors that are oft threatened by the council thugs.

Your heavy involvement with the Dem Party is irrelevant. If you haven't seen the blatant favoritism (and worse) noted above, and more, then you're just not paying attention.

It's all coming home to roost. The pendulum shift has begun, away from this favoritism...not a moment too soon, because if it continued much longer, it would've threatened the mayor's re-election.

It has already damaged him severely.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Let me remind our audience, Wilson Allen is not black. He does not speak for black people. He only plays one on the blogs. The GOP has run black candidates for the 7th congressional district and the at-large council races in all recent elections. Republicans don't even compete for many of the majority African-American districts because of the politics of race, whereby votes are being cast in a bloc of 90%-10% on a consistent basis. The Republicans were the first to elect a black in Pike Township when it replaced a white council member with a black member, Ike Randolph. Republican officeholders in Marion County have consistently appointed blacks to prominent positions in city and county government. It doesn't matter how much outreach they do with the black community, the same results happen election after election because of the politics of race. Amos Brown ridicules any black who dares to be Republican, and white GOP candidates who visit his show fare no better.

Anonymous said...

I've been a Democratic precinct committeemen in Washington Township for many years. Yes, a quota system does indeed exist. If Mr. Allen participated in any slating convention in recent years, he would know this is true.

Wilson46201 said...

The GOP only runs Blacks as "sacrificial lambs" in races considered unwinnable as a general rule. Sure, the GOP ran Black Republicans Scott and Dickerson against incumbent Julia Carson but never supported them like they did for Caucasians Blankenbaker, Hoffmeister or McVey. Scott and Dickerson were essentially "tokens", window-dressing to prove the GOP wasnt really that racist.

Anonymous said...

When Greg Bowes resigned from the council, blacks demanded the seat and gave it to an unqualified county worker, Cherrish Pryor. It is getting tough to be a white Democrat in Marion County. If the blacks demand something, it's a given they will get it. It is severely limiting the opportunity for advancement within the party for younger, white activists in the party.

Wilson46201 said...

The Democratic precinct committeepeople in Bowes District chose Greg Bowes successor. Any Democratic resident of that District could have run in that special election. Cherrish Pryor was elected.

Undocumented and phony accusations that she was somehow "unqualified" and that young whites are being shut out is pure and simple racism. Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

AI, great post! Now you know why over 160,000 people (mostly white)have fled the old city limits of Indianapolis. Today, without Unigov, the population of Indianapolis would be just 330,000 people (majority Black).
What has happened in Indianapolis mirrors what happened in Detroit with the exception that Detroit did not institute Unigov to include all of Wayne County,Michigan.
The City of Detroit has a Black population of 79%.
The rest of Wayne County outside of Detroit has a White population of 79% (nearly the same as Indy)
White voters in Detroit, faced with the same type of racial corruption and crime we have in Indianapolis chose to vote with their feet rather than at the ballot box.
We are now seeing this same pattern here as more Whites move to the donut counties while Blacks continue to move into the formerly White suburbs in the Townships.
There will be a massive new wave of White Flight out of Marion County by the time the new census is taken 2010 due to crime and taxes (same as Detroit).
We hear a lot of bad about Detroit but most people do not hear about it's thriving suburbs. Detroit's suburbs are comparable to our Donut Counties.
Outside of gentrification in and around the Mile Square Indianapolis is heading the same direction as Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to blog trespasser Wilson...he is nothing but a mere patsy for the Democrats whose sole purpose is to visit blogs and obfuscate the topics when they challenge or call to question improper or corrupt actions of Democrats.

NOTE: his current obfuscation is to divert the thread from that hate-monger militant racist Amos Brown to one of politics. This thread is about a racist named Amos Brown spreading hatred.

Sir Hailstone said...

"Gibson's safe."

While wearing an orange jumpsuit?

Anonymous said...

Bruce Henry will be lucky to get 4o to 42% of the vote.......

Anonymous said...

I am a long time hard working Demo party worker and nothing would make me happier than to see alcoholic abuser Ron Gibson bounced off the council. I dont care if it is by the voters or by a judge sending him to jail where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you seem to be the most hate-filled gay man I've ever seen. Perhaps you're still having problems living with your own homosexuality?

Anonymous said...

1:39, whoever you are: so posting the truth, somehow qualifies as hate? Interesting definition.

I've read the probable cause affadavit in Gibson's case. It's flimsy, damn it...ergo he'll probably end up, even if convicted, guilty only of a misdemeanor. Which is a shame.

His real crime, as most on this blog know, isn't a technical crime, but one of identity. And it's sad as hell.

So yeah, barring conviction for a felony, he's safe. King Ro is not. Win or lose, he'll trail the at-large Demo ticket. Buy thousands.

And the attempt recasting Marion County's demographics is laughable. You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts.
Try to put it down all you like...Indy is still a great place to live.

Sir Hailstone said...

"if convicted, guilty only of a misdemeanor."

He's only charged with a misdemeanor. That doesn't mean he will necessarily avoid jail time. He would not be disqualified from holding public office.

The special prosecutor is a Democrat from Bloomington. About as blue as blue gets in Indiana.

"Try to put it down all you like...Indy is still a great place to live."

It might be a great place to live, but don't die here. The coroner might lose your body, or help himself to your credit cards. Or let your loved ones wait 3 months for a death certificate. What is the Coroner? A DemocRAT. Just like the rest of the incompetent boobs running Marion County.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What is really sad is the state of the county offices since the democrats have taken over. The auditors office and the recorders are in total chaos but all you hear is about the clerks and coroners offices. Apparently they just can't handle the "juice."

Anonymous said...

Wilson Allen, wrong as usual. You are not an authority on black voters or the Republican Party's support for African American candidates in Marion County or the State of Indiana.

The first Councillors at-large were Republicans. Roger Brown, former Pacer, Ray Crowe, former Crispus Attucks Coach, Julius Shaw, Ron Franklin, Beverly Mukes Gaither, Paul-Parker Sawyers, southside district councilman, Stanley Strader, Isaac Randolph after unigov.

Center Township has been the Democrats stronghold for more than 60 years within Marion County which is no secret to most politicos.

Superior Court Judges Rufus Kykendall,Cynthia Ayers, Reuben Hill have each been slated and supported by the Party.

10th and now the 7th District, James Cummings, Joseph Watkins, Dr. Marvin Scott, Ron Franklin and later Eric Dickerson who chose not to accept Party support, were given support by the Party.

Mr. Allen makes a big deal out the vote totals in Center Township, but he does not look outside of Center to compare similar vote totals in Republican districts.

For the record, the first African Americans elected to the U.S. Congress in the late 1800's were both Republicans from the State of Mississippi, Hiram Rhodes Revel,1870-1871 Blanche Kelso Bruce,1875-1881
Representative Party State Terms
John Willis Menard[1] Republican Louisiana 1868, Jefferson F. Long Republican Georgia 1870-1871
Joseph H. Rainey Republican South Carolina 1870-1879,Robert C. De Large Republican South Carolina 1871-1873, Robert B. Elliott Republican South Carolina 1871-1874, Benjamin S. Turner Republican Alabama 1871-1873
Josiah T. Walls Republican Florida 1871-1873, 1873-1875, 1875-1876
Richard H. Cain Republican South Carolina 1873-1875, 1877-1879
John R. Lynch Republican Mississippi 1873-1877, 1882-1883
James T. Rapier Republican Alabama 1873-1875, Alonzo J. Ransier Republican South Carolina 1873-1875, Jeremiah Haralson Republican Alabama 1875-1877
John A. Hyman Republican North Carolina 1875-1877
Charles E. Nash Republican Louisiana 1875-1877
Robert Smalls Republican South Carolina 1875-1879, 1882-1883, 1884-1887
James E. O'Hara Republican North Carolina 1883-1887
Henry P. Cheatham Republican North Carolina 1889-1893
John Mercer Langston Republican Virginia 1890-1891
Thomas E. Miller Republican South Carolina 1890-1891
George W. Murray Republican South Carolina 1893-1895, 1896-1897
George Henry White Republican North Carolina 1897-1901
Oscar De Priest Republican Illinois 1929-1935 Melvin H. Evans Republican Virgin Islands 1979-1980

The First U.S. Senator, Edward Brooke, State of Massachusetts, 1967-1979.

Atty Frank Beckwith, a Republican local attorney ran for President in the 1960's before a Black Democrat ever ran for the office.

James Sidney Hinton, local African American Republican Indiana State Representative 1881.

Judge Wilber Grant, local attorney, Republican state representaive, elected 1943.

Atty. Harriet Bailey Conn, Deputy Attorny General, Republican black female 1955-1965, 1966, 1968 elected state representative, 1970 appointed State Public Defender by the Indiana Supreme Court before the Democrats ever had one.

State Senator Brokenburr, local attorney and a black Republican was the first to serve in the Indiana Senate in elected 1941-1961.

Mr. Allen, please update your files on African Americans in Indiana political history.

There were many more before the ones you are associated with. Remember, seeking public office is an individual's personal choice not one made by a political Party.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary for quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, a Republican.

The Ghetto Mafia reigns in the Democrat Party!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when democrats take over running government for any length of time- You end up with, New Orleans, Detroit etc. Same with Indianpolis, if the property tax isn't fixed and the council and mayor aren't booted out that is what you will have.When it gets so bad they'll elect a Republican to fix it up.

Wilson46201 said...

Jocelyn cuts and pastes but cannot produce ONE Black Republican Indiana Legislator this century and NO Black Republican Congresspeople. One Black GOP city Councilor who is quitting.

The fact remains that Blacks vote 90% for Democrats and only 10% for the GOP this century.

Anonymous said...

"The fact remains that Blacks vote 90% for Democrats"

Nobody ever accused blacks of being educated.

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn...why would you write so horribly about two have worked together for 30 years and it puzzles me why you speak so badly of another hard working African American woman.

Anonymous said...

Wilson wrote:
"Scott and Dickerson were essentially "tokens", window-dressing to prove the GOP wasnt really that racist."

Really? I thought Dickerson was NOT the party's first choice, but the voters chose him. So, it wasn't a sacrificial lamb or token for the GOP - the GOP voters chose him. Next.

As well, you later say that someone can't provide the name of one black Indiana legislator who was a republican.

How about former State Representative Jim Van Leer, an African American from Muncie? What about him? Or does he not count? Of course, Democrats went out of their way to knock him off with Tiny Adams.

And, Wilson, I would suggest that you stop calling the GOP racist. Either YOU offer some proof that the GOP is racist (beyond your conjecture), or just move on. I just love your ability to be a hypocrite - you are the master of the double-standard, and transparent at that.

(Though, if you want to keep going after Jocelyn, that's okay with me - she drives me crazy, too.)


Anonymous said...

The proof about the racism in the GOP can be seen daily on this blog or on other similar ones...I dont need Wilson to point that out. Remember the African American community was republican until they were driven out of it by racists in the 1940's.....

Anonymous said...

"Remember the African American community was republican until they were driven out of it by racists in the 1940's....."

The Democrats were just as racist. George C. Wallace, Robert Byrd, etc.

Anonymous said...

With the except of Robert Byrd, those Democrats have been driven out of the Demo party. Wallace formed his own party but most of the rest became republicans like Strom Thurmond etc.......they knew where their "kind" least, Byrd has repudiated his past.

Wilson46201 said...

Yup, AR, indeed the GOP had one Black Republican in the Legislature for 2 years 13 years ago. Absolutely none since then. None. The Republican Caucus has been lily white since then.

The U.S. Congress has absolutely NO Black Republican Senators or Representatives. The GOP on the Hill is lily white.

Jocelyn sputters about the GOP past (when she was a perennially losing candidate and a Democrat herself)

Anonymous said...

3:57: there's a real honor roll of elected officials and/or candidates. A few good one,s but mostly a list of losers.

9:04: ask any Demcrat precinct committeeman about Burnetta. Nice to your face, perhaps...but manipulative, and somehow--accusations of cash payments often surface around slating time.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I think the point I was trying to make is that within the last 100 years, there was indeed an African-American Republican in the legislature (your challenge was that Jocelyn couldn't name even one). So, that's been done. And you might say, "well, that's only one" but that was the challenge that you issued.

And, I might add, that it was the Democrat party that removed Rep. Van Leer from the House - they ran a "lily white" Democrat against him and won. So, please, don't whine or shed tears about the GOP "racism" as you call it - your party was responsible for Rep. Van Leer not returning, not the GOP.

(As for Jocelyn, I don't know what her deal is - I can tell you that she doesn't speak for any Republican party I belong to.)


Anonymous said...

A) Help me out here, did someone say Wilson isn't black. If so, by his own Democratic logic, he has no idea what he's talking about!

B) I used to live in Julia's district. I had no representation at all. I had a friend who called her office for help and was hung up on... twice.

Anonymous said...

"Barb Malone-No chance" ??

Really? Did not she as an unslated candidate for At-Large, depose one of the slated candidates? Something thats never been done in the history of Uni-Gov?

I saw her traveling billboard all throughout Center twp this weekend. It was met with great acclaim, and I overheard several blacks say they were proud and relieved that the Republican party had a professional black sister they could vote for.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there are no black republicans in Congress. Black conservatives are treated more poorly by the black community than Klansmen are. The highest ranking black americans have been appointed by the Bush administration(do Rice and Powell ring a bell). These high-achievers are vilified by the black community. Oreo cookies were thrown at black conservative Lt. Governor Michael Steele for daring to run as a republica.
The black community, including race pimps like Amos Brown, need to come to the realization that the Dems have sold them down the river. Wake up! Think for yourselves before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Note to AR:

Whom ever you are. I speak as an American Citizen who is exercising her constitutional rights.

Note to Wilson:

You needed a history lesson and it was given to you. There will be more African Americans seeking public office in the Republican Party next year.

You are wrong most of the time when you suggest that I am posting certain comments on these blogs. I will continue to ignore you.

Enough said.