Thursday, April 24, 2008

Star Wants Clinton-Obama Debate In Indiana

A Star editorial today says Sen. Barack Obama should not disengage from the process after losing badly to Sen. Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. For the first time in four decades, the Indiana presidential primary is relevant, at least for Democrats. "As such, the candidates need to engage Indiana voters and one another in a forum that stretches beyond glossy TV commercials, showy campaign stops and rote speeches delivered in city after city," the editorial reads. "In short, the candidates need to meet for a debate in Indiana in the next few days." "The Clinton campaign already has accepted an invitation issued by the Indiana Debate Commission, along with its partners CNN and PBS, to stage in a debate here." Well, we're waiting for your answer, Sen. Obama.


Doug said...

After the performance of the moderators in the last debate, asking question after question of little substance, what incentive does Obama have to engage in a 21st debate or whatever it is.

According to those nimrods, Flag pins were apparently more important than the following:

The financial crisis

The collapse of housing values in the US and around the world

Health care
The declining value of the US Dollar
The decline of American manufacturing

The Supreme Court
Global warming
The attacks on organized labor and the working class
Terrorism and al Qaeda
Civil liberties and constraints on government surveillance

jabberdoodle said...

This would be a fantastic start to the Indiana Debate Commission's life in Indiana Elections. Having sat in on some of the group's early discussions about Gubernatorial Debates, I think the caliber of questions would be much higher than exhibited by ABC.

Shariq said...

Having watched 20 debates I am not sure what this 22nd or 23rd debate would do. I would rather Obama and Clinton spend more time engaging with as many communities as possible through townhalls rather than a debate. They are asked the same questions and give the same answers, same jokes and same jabs at each other. If people want to see them debate do a rerun of 2 or 3 of the previous 20+ debates.

Stevencap said...

Just a heads up on something that might be of interest regarding the May 6 primary… We’ve just launched a statewide campaign to talk about Indiana jobs lost due to the continuing U.S. trade deficit with China.

We’ll be urging Indiana voters to ask hard questions of both Congressional and Presidential candidates and are running print ads throughout the state. You can view a copy at:

I’m hoping this might be useful if you do any coverage of the primary. I’d be happy to discuss further. (I’ve pasted below some key Indiana jobs data).

Please let me know any questions you might have.

Steven Capozzola
Communications Director
Alliance for American Manufacturing
Office: (202) 393-3430
Cell: (202) 550-4322


Indiana Manufacturing jobs lost from 2000-2007: 109,800

Manufacturing accounts for $67.2 billion of Indiana’s GSP, the number 1 contributor to the state’s economy.

45,200 Indiana jobs lost, 2001-2006 (all sectors), as a result of the U.S. trade deficit with China, an average of 9,040 jobs per year.

35,157 Indiana jobs lost, 1993-2004 (all sectors), as a result of NAFTA, an average of 3,196 per year.

Source: BLS

Brenda said...

Doug I agree with you that the things you listed are important but so is the character or should I say lack of character of Obama. He doesn't like to answser questions, and one can tell it makes him angry. I and many others want to know why he is so chummy with Iraqui billionaires to worked with Sadam Hussein,Frank Marshall, William Ayres whom he did not disclose the truth, Robert Malloy advocate of Hamas and gives assistance to them. In my humble opinion, if you were a true American, you wouldn't hang around with this type of person. As my father used to say, "You fool with s___ , you will eventually get s___on you. Also how about his relationship with Larry Sinclair and Donald Young. Obama is a lot of wind.

jwente said...

I think it's an excellent idea for Sen. Obama to debate the issues facing America. As log as the moderators are fair. Let's face it, before the debate in PA there were certain things that transpired. Rendell, who is a strong Clinton supporter, had already stated that PA was not ready to vote for an African American.
One of the moderators, who was a former Clinton staffer and owes his entire career to the Clintons were given specific questions to Ask Sen. Obama devised by Sean Hannity. I believe if it could be confirmed that the debate would be about the issues we face, I'm sure this debate would take place. I would rather see small questions and answer sessions.