Thursday, April 10, 2008

Have You Heard About This Poll Result?

A Democratic source tells me that a new internal poll has the campaign of U.S. Rep. Andre Carson (D-Indianapolis) and the DCCC in quite a frenzy. The poll, according to the source, has State Rep. David Orentlicher (D-Indianapolis) on top with Carson trailing closely behind in second place. The poll indicates that African-American voters are splitting between Carson, Dr. Woody Myers and State Rep. Carolene Mays (D-Indianapolis). The poll also showed very high negatives for Carson and relatively low negatives for Orentlicher. Close to a third of the voters remain undecided. Here's the results which were shared with me:

Orentlicher (20%)
Carson (18%)
Myers (17%)
Mays (13%)

With Dr. Woody Myers reportedly prepared to dump up to $2 million into the race and Orentlicher preparing to launch his own media blitz, the DCCC is under heavy pressure from the CBC to help out Carson. The DCCC has already spent at least $250,000 on his race. Some are questioning the wisdom, however, of the party spending that kind of money to defeat another Democrat. I found the results difficult to believe, but the source has been reliable in the past.


IndyFacts said...

Quoting a "Poll" without source is highly questionable.

There is no way that David O leads in an honest district wide poll. This looks like a scare tactic to get the black community to unite behind the Muslin or the Millionare.

I understand a poll completed by the Mays campaign shows that she is the best candidate to win this election.

It seem likely that Carolene Mays will be the best candidate when you consider her appeal with blacks, whites, churches, Pastors and women voters.

Visit her website at:

Unknown said...

And Indyfacts her appeal to women voters is because of why?

Clearly the LEAST qualified person in the race is Andre Carson.

IndyFacts said...

Advance Indiana,

I did not want my comment,
"Quoting a "Poll" without source is highly questionable." to seem critical.

It would be nice if you shared the source of any polls that you quote.

Thanks for a great place to discuss the issues!

Gary R. Welsh said...

It is my understanding the poll was commissioned by the party for Carson's benefit. The source described the pollster as reputable and the poll properly stratified.

Wilson46201 said...

Dear IndyFacts (aka Carolene Mays surrogate) :

Muslin is a fabric.

Muslim describes adherents of the religion you are trying to stir up religious bigotry against. Being a good hate-monger requires at least a dictionary!

Wilson46201 said...

By the way, "IndyFacts": you say Millionaire like its a bad thing -- what do you have against Bill Mays?

Crossed said...

The question is...
Who will the eastside catholics vote for?
I think they are mad about the special election slating, as are alot of people. My guess is thay are laying in wait and will come out strong for David O.

7th CD guy said...

This east-side catholic will be voting for David O.
He's goofy looking, but at least he's honest.
If he loses in the pimary, I hope that Woody Meyers wins.
Then Woody will get my vote.
Other than that, I'll vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

Take Wilson's advice. He knows alot about how to be a good hate monger.

indyernie said...

The only surprise here is Carson being in second place. Clearly he is the least qualified.

Unknown said...

The Eastside Catholics will be voting Republican in the Fall.

Unknown said...

David O's strength will be south of Morris street and enough to win.

MissouriDemocrat said...

Intellegent Democrats should look at the candidates. The choice is very clear to me that Dr. Woody is the most intellegent. Self-Made in his finances and concerned enough that he wants to serve. He sure isn't serving our city because he needs to money.
He is serving to give back to us what he was fortunate enough to get - commitment. And that kind of sacrifice for us is what I am looking for in a new Congressman. I wasn't "heart" Julia.... I sure wouldn't say Andy Jacobs understands, both got rich off their public service. Dr. Woody is the clear choice of intellegent Democrats.

Wilson46201 said...

Really intelligent Democrats at least know how to spell the word "intelligent"...

Wilson EAllen-Nemesis said...

"Really intelligent Democrats at least know how to spell the word "intelligent"..."

Really intelligent democrats shouldn't berate other democrats. It’s no wonder others consider you (Wilson) a boob.

zin said...

mo dem, i don't know about that. david o. is truly a brilliant guy -- like so smart he's creepy. unfortunately, that makes him not very telegenic or easy to get used to. i really think he wins on pure smarts.

i am happy to see him allegedly in the lead but he really needs to be campaigning harder. i live in his district and haven't heard anything for weeks and the meyers and mays yard signs proliforate.

david o.'s strength will actually be washinton township, his current district. he has run very strongly there even getting crossover votes in republican precincts.

btw, as a former precinct committee person in washington township, i campaigned for julia in 94 and 96. after 4 years, it became obvious that she was not representing us actively or pursuing leadership positions in the house. i am disgusted at the way andre was installed.

i'm glad to finally see some numbers. i'm taking the anybody-but-andre strategy. i am not a carson hater, but we can do much, much better. it's been so long since we've been represented well -- like pre-andy jacobs -- i think we've forgotten what it is like to have a voice in the house.

there are some very bright democrats around here. unfortunately they are not the ones getting elected (see your CCC) but are the ones running the local dem show.

if i have spelled anything incorrectly, um, i don't care. wilson should be scraping and painting his house rather than hanging out on the computer all day. it's a really nice neighborhood except for his dump.

IndyFacts said...

Obviously, voters have to decide who they are going to vote for based on some criteria.

Many Christian voters do not feel comfortable with a Representative who does not hold basic Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Wilson (aka Carson surrogate), Hatred should have no place in politics and certainly not in the lives of anyone who considers themselves a Christian, as I do.

When it comes to Woody Myers, most voters do not like a millionaire who is trying to buy his way into office. Myers has already paid more than both candidates raised for the Special Election.

The more voters look at the candidates, the more many will see that Carolene Mays is the best candidate for Congress.

Carolene Mays has strong support from Pastors, churches, blacks, whites and women voters.

Wilson EAllen-Nemesis said...

Sorry Ernie but you are wrong.

"The only surprise here is Carson being in second place. Clearly he is the least qualified."

The only surprise here is Carson being in the running period.
The man is a clown in a cheap suit. Wilson is his pet monkey trying to complete back flips only to fail while falling flat on his face for trying.

Wilson46201 said...

Good citizens discuss issues.

Good voters discuss candidates.

Really weird people use fake names like "Nemesis" to discuss me...

artfuggins said...

I suspect that this is a poll made up by someone and fed to Advance does not come close to a poll that I saw. Carson is slightly ahead because the other 3 are splitting the anti Carson vote......Carolene Mays only appeals to republicans so when I see someone promoting her, I know it is a republican meddling in the Dem primary.

IndyFacts said...


Obviously you do NOT know what you are talking about!

Carolene Mays is an elected Democrat State Representative. She was elected by life-long Democrats who love and respect her!

Also, when professional pollsters conduct a polls for the primary they only call likely Democrat voters.

The more voters look at the candidates, the more many will see that Carolene Mays is the best candidate for Congress.

Carolene Mays has strong support from Pastors, churches, blacks, whites and women voters.

Wilson46201 said...

I jokingly remind our Democratic Congressman André Carson that he only needs 13% of the vote to win (assuming he and all his 7 challengers split the vote fairly evenly).

Karen Speaks said...

My personal thoughts, all political bludgeoning aside is simple. I want Carson to have his two years to prove what he can do. I can't condemn with no facts to work with.

There's nothing in life or in politics that proves that experience means squat. You can be a crook with 20 yrs under your belt just as easily as 2. Sometimes a fresh approach is better. Less moth-eaten and codgy.

It's 2 years. We can correct the mistake relatively quickly, if necessary. After 8 years of George Bush politics, 2 years would be a cakewalk.

plopp said...

Speaking on behalf of near east-side Catholics... we'll be voting for the whitest Democrat.

Go Woody!

indyernie said...

"I jokingly remind our Democratic Congressman André Carson that he only needs 13% of the vote to win (assuming he and all his 7 challengers split the vote fairly evenly)."

Sounds fair. The 13% effort we are getting out of Carson sounds about right, great goal setting. Only Wilson and Carson would think that 13% of the vote is an accomplishment. But we must keep in mind that Andre Carson is a five percenter, isn’t he?

indyernie said...

Wilson has Congressman Andre Carson returned the UNION member’s call and apologized for hanging up yet? A real congressman would call hat in hand when he's done a misdeed to a constituent.
So tell us Wilson has your “sidekick” Andre decided to be a man?
I can't wait for Myers to pick up on this and make an issue he could use the UNION VOTE.

CircleCityScribe said...

Woody might be 100% more intelligent than Andre, but he has no clue about military operations. Obviously he has not served his country.

Woody does not understand the most basic issues about Iraq, what is happening & why. His ads show that he is unfit for congress. If he were intelligent, he'd have researched....

P. S. How did he get rich? (If it wasn't from taxing & spending)

mr. jackson said...

I find it quite odd, whenever someone tells the truth about Andre, Wilson and others play the religious bigotry card. Fact of the matter is, Christianity is a religion of love, peace and joy. We are also taught by the scriptures not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. With that said Mr. Wilson and others, a Christian has to choose a person that stands firm on the Word of God. It's not hate or bigotry by no means at all. Simply put, if I believe the Word of God is true and Jesus Christ is Lord my God-THEN I MUST support a candidate that stands on the same Word and believes in the same Christ. Paul teaches us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but rulers and powers in high places. So it's a requirement that any Bible believing person must send someone that represnts Christ's agenda to Congress to represnt them. Yes Mr. Wilson and others, I'm a democrat and a Black man so please dont write me off as a white racist republican, like so many do when someone opposes Andre.

artfuggins said...

IndyFacts, you are wrong and your name is a misnomer. Carolene Mays did run the Democratic ticket for state rep only because she lived in a heavily Demo district. She voted on a fairly regular basis with the republicans..Her family supported Mitch Daniels...She was going to have a very strong primary opposition until she decided not to run again to run for this suicide misson for congress..It did avoid her the embarrassment of losing in the primary.

indyernie said...

Over twelve hours without a Wilson46201 response. What's up Wilson? Some mission on behalf of Andre? Dumpster diving again? Or is it that your “sidekick” Andre got your tongue? Great leadership coming from the 7th district....come on November....can we all say, ANYBODY BUT A CARSON? Sounds like a great bumper sticker to me.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

"When it comes to Woody Myers, most voters do not like a millionaire who is trying to buy his way into office."

You're right. Most ignorant, unwashed, lemming voters must prefer a candidate who takes money from citizens, lobbyists, labor groups, PAC's, etc. and then votes according to what THEY want, instead of what his constituents want.

Yah...that's the democrat way.

Or maybe decide on who to vote for based on what kind of free concert tickets the candidate hands out.