Saturday, April 12, 2008

Star Circulation Number Losses Not As Bad As Other Dailies

Like pretty much all daily newspapers, the Star has experienced a decline in its circulation in recent years. Since 2003, its daily circulation is off 1,400 to 250,000, and its Sunday circulation has dropped 28,000 to 340,000 according to a story by the IBJ's Anthony Schoettle. The good news for the Star is that its losses aren't nearly as bad as other major daily newspapers. Nonetheless, revenues at Gannett, the newspaper giant which owns the Star, are down due to declining ad revenues. The Star is trying to make up the difference with an expanded online presence, but it's got a long way to go. This chart from the IBJ shows the drop in daily circulation numbers for a number of newspapers.


7th CD guy said...

With as liberal as Newpapers are, and the negative hatred they spew, can anyone NOT understand why circulation down?
Look at the way The Star worshipped Bart Peterson as the savior of Indy.

Diana Vice said...

It's a Gannett-owned paper. Check out the book "The Chain Gang" if you want the background on Gannett. You might not find it at the library, because in the past, the copies have mysteriously disappeared from libraries around the country.