Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carson On Job Creation: No Comment

Star business columnist John Ketzenberger says the four leading candidates for the 7th District congressional race put job creation at the top of their list of concerns, which he says is "music to local business leaders." Each candidate brings his or her own strengths, except for U.S. Rep. Andre Carson. He's no match for former Wellpoint executive Dr. Woody Myers, newspaper business manager Carolene Mays or the extensive plans of professor and doctor David Orentlicher. On Carson, Ketzenberger writes:

Andre Carson, who won a special election for the seat last month, has the least business experience. He spent most of his career working with the Indiana Excise Police. Many in business here met Carson when he was appointed to a City-County Council seat last year.

Carson, grandson of the late Congresswoman Julia Carson, did not respond to telephone messages seeking comment.

The question remains: Will his famous name be enough to overcome the other candidates' business savvy?


Concerned Taxpayer said... the 7th District, you don't have to know ANYTHING to be a congressman.

You only have to have a famous last name. Look at the record for the last 12 years.

Bart Lies said...

Not bad for a guy who finished 2nd from last in his class, eh? Guess it's true what they say, 'It's not what you know, it's who you know.'

When your grades prove you know nothing, it's great to have the 'who you know' angle to fall back on.

indyernie said...

Andre Carson needs to create a new job for himself for after November.
Possible new careers:
Personal assistant to Nancy Pulaski
Driver for Ted Kennedy
Bouncer at 9
Deputy Constable for Tony Duncan
Personal Corvette valet/wash guy for Carl Drummer
and my personal favorite...Bagman for the peashakes

Feel free to join in

MissouriDemocrat said...

Surely you all dont think Evan Bayh and Andy Jacobs are incorrect? Why they both told us that of all the 1 million plus people in the entire Central Indiana area Andre "Send My Seed" was the most qualified to lead us. I trust that someday they both will become band members on a future Titanic.

artfuggins said... nice....dont wish that someone would die just because you politically disagree with them...

Bart Lies said...

How about fry cook at 300 East? He could perhaps do some George Foreman look-alike schtick with a set of those famous kitchen appliances:

"I was once a Member of Congress, but these days the only pork I have my hand in is on these grills."

garyj said...

I'll give the credit where it is due.
André Carson is trying to save jobs in the Indianapolis area. Some of those who could be effected do not live in the 7th.
Good Luck with that André! You are going against a persistant group that has the support of the corprate greed.

Indy4U2C said...

Carson on job creation??????? -You must be kidding! This is a punk who got everything he has based on who he knows/is related to.

His granny got him a state job, but he finished 2nd to last in his class....and the records of his academy activity are no longer available for public access because a Democrat subpoenaed them.....Hmmmmmmm. Would they show that he got 'special' waivers 'Mulligans' or 'do-overs' that were not quite what the rules of the Indiana Administrative Code allow?????????

How can he create jobs? -By doing what his granny and her crony's did: PUTTING PEOPLE ON THE PUBLIC DOLE! The only thing he would know about job creation is how to hire patronage employees, with make-work, do-nothing jobs that TAXPAYERS fund.

-Ask his buddies, Tony Duncan & Carl Drummer....

IndyPaul said...

uhhh, Julia Carson made the name famous. It was hardly so 10 or 12 years ago.

I have a hard time faulting party members for wanting Carson to serve out the final term of his grandmother, who served the district well for many years despiute the disparagment heaped upon her here. However, it is a new day. David Orenlichter is the best qualified to serve this district in Congress.