Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Morgan Takes On Lubbers

Republican Senate District 30 candidate Ken Morgan continues to push his anti-tax message in an effort to unseat incumbent Sen. Teresa Lubbers. Morgan is running a low-budget, door-to-door campaign to get his message out to voters. When Morgan began his campaign, he anticipated that homeowners would receive their tax bills before this year's May 6 primary. A note on his flier shown above notes: "You won't get your tax bills until AFTER the elections. Coincidence?" Ken is as cynical as I am. Because Marion County homeowners will have to pay that third tax bill from their 2007 tax bills, I'm sure the politicians made sure you wouldn't get your tax bill until after this year's primary election. Laura Hile is hosting a fundraiser for Morgan this Friday, April 11 at 6030 N. Meridian. Donations of $20 are suggested. You can RSVP by clicking here.


artfuggins said...

You can look your tax bill up on the Indy Star web site. Mine are going up over $500 more than last year.....and last year was way up and then 3 years ago it doubled. I wish I lived in her district so I could vote against her.

Patriot Paul said...

interesting info on property tax on www.stopindiana.com


Ken Morgan is a class act and has been going door to door in our neighborhood for months. He genuinely cares about the residents and got involved in property tax activism after hearing the plight of an 80 year old neighbor's worry to keep her home.

He's given countless hours of his time as an activist on the property tax front. Taxpayers should embrace him.