Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Let's Play Super Bowl Fantasy Numbers

It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid some people think the public is. Some Ball State numbers cruncher wants you to believe that if Indianapolis hosts a Super Bowl in 2012 it will have a total economic impact of $365 million. Last year, the proponents of the Super Bowl Bid were tossing around the $300 million figure. For perspective, it is estimated that the Indianapolis 500 positively impacts the local economy by that figure every year and we aren't required to provide tens of millions of dollars in subsidies annually to the Hulman-George family. When these so-called experts make these estimates, I wonder if they subtract from those numbers the economic activity lost from the convention and general business trade that would have otherwise occurred within the region but is displaced because of the occurrence of the Super Bowl. It's not a zero sum game folks.


MissouriDemocrat said...

What I never cease to be amazed at is how many defend all sports as positive with no negative impact on the community. It should take no brain surgeon to calculate facts. When a community can't handle the crap at the Waste Water Treatment Plant or have sound infrastructure to take the crap to the WWT, can't pay its teachers a living wage to teach children properly, pay for its public police and fire safety personnel and fix the potholes without asking for tax increases, but can afford to build a monster billion dollar playground for millionaire athletes and millionaire team owners that benefit the sports minded but whose costs to attend the average family of four can't afford that there is something rotten in Denmark. But hey, thats my opinion and I am very, very sure that this statement alone will inspire all those Conservative/Republican and Sports Minded Democrats to spend hours this morning refuting this entire thinking. As I go out in the world to earn my living, happy writing.

POPA said...

You want to play fantasy numbers, start with Mitch Daniels' estimate of the war in Iraq. That's some fantasy for you.

Unknown said...

With all due respect, I doubt that the $$$ lost due to the loss of a potential convention in early February will come anywhere close to making a dent in the projected windfall numbers. It is hard to get them to come to Indy that time of year.

Citizen Kane said...

The fantasyland numbers that are thrown out, with no verifiable support are similar to the alice in wonderland finance practiced on Wall Street.

We have our own Pyramid scheme going here, which requires the constant funneling of tax dollars into a low-wage sector of the economy.

Wait until it is over and then you'll hear the stories (if you strain to listen) about how many businesses did not get the impact that they expected; but then it will be too late. And when the After-Peyton era begins for the Colts, we will have a big empty stadium that we can't afford to maintain.