Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carson Out Of Money?

An item on Jim Shella's blog hints that U.S. Rep. Andre Carson has run his tap dry. According to Shella, Carson ads scheduled to air on WISH-TV this week were pulled after the campaign failed to make advance payments. Shella writes:

TV ads for Congressman André Carson slated to run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and today did not air because of a failure to make the required advance payments.

Carson campaign manager Alex Zwerdling confirmed this afternoon that no payment was made. He, at first, suggested that that it was the result of a strategic decision, then changed his answer to, “No comment.”

If Carson is truly out of money and unable to purchase a sustained media buy in these closing three weeks of the campaign, that provided all the more incentive for him to swap endorsements with Sen. Barack Obama.


IndyFacts said...


If Andre Carson is out of money at this point in his campaign, he is NOT who we want trying to assist with the national budget!

Anonymous said...

Can some one call Melina Kennedy and see if she is doing her new job ?

IndyFacts said...


Interesting FACTS about the Carson-Obama connection:

"Twelve Clinton backers have given $19,000 to Carson since Jan. 1."

"Clinton’s congressional backers have given generously to the DCCC; 13 have given more than $1 million between them since the beginning of the year."

You can bet that Clinton backers will be

Maybe Obama will bail Andre Carson's campaign out of the red.

MissouriDemocrat said...

If he is out of money it might indicate the big ole PACS are not betting on him any longer to win the election.....

artfuggins said...

This info is so must be planted info probably by the Myers campaign which is spending money like a drunken sailor...think how Woody would spend our tax money.

MissouriDemocrat said...

From my observation the local media has treated Andre like a darling. If he sneezes they cover it like the Casson that carried Granny (Kennedy/Presidential Style). I have not ready Shella's Blog, but if he reports something about Andre then you can bank that it is true (the ads not being placed).

Bart Lies said...

Bake sale and roofing party at Wilson's tomorrow. Bring a cake, hammer and your checkbook.

Bart Lies said...

Andre promised us he wouldn't miss any votes. He has now broken that promise:

Concerned Taxpayer said...

"André Carson has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 98.2% of the time during the current Congress. This percentage does not include votes in which Carson did not vote."

Yea...I guess that's that CHANGE IN WASHINGTON that he promised so many times.

M Theory said...

Maybe if he had not littered our houses with his propaganda mailers every single day during the special election campaign, he'd have some money left.

I'll never forget going to the Indiana Equality debate and seeing what appeared to be 100's of Carson yard signs as you entered.

It smacked of both insecurity and overkill.

Good riddance, Andre.

And thanks Bart Lies for the update that Andre Carson missed a vote in Congress. What a loser.

Obama's endorsement of Andre Carson really made me take pause about Obama. I was seriously thinking of voting democrat in the primary for Woody Myers to block Andre Carson and pick Obama while I was at it. Now I don't have to.

Obama's was a careless endorsement of Andre Carson when he runs commericials that claim he won't take big interest money. I guess that doesn't stop him from endorsing candidates that do.

Nothing to say, Wilson?


P.s. I think it is ironic that you see more Andre Carson yard signs in abandoned lots than anywhere else.

Wilson46201 said...

The CHANGE everybody wants is away from George W Bush's "SPEND & BORROW" administration and the GOP's Iraq War Recession...

Unknown said...


You actually believed Obama's claim he wouldn't take "big interest" money??? Surely you jest.

M Theory said...

WIlson, you are absolutely right. George W. is a bigger spender and bigger war monger than even the democrats.

See how much sense Ron Paul makes? He's anti-war, pro-constitution, pro personal freedom, and wall street loves him.

Also, anyone ever notice how Ron Paul doesn't lie to us?

However Wilson, since you cannot think for yourself, I would not expect you to realize that unless the democrats told you it was true.

And Flynn...yes, I can be gullible sometimes. And here I was thinking Obama had qualities like JFK.

Anonymous said...

Do you these Clinton backers want their money back now ?

Clinton’s congressional backers have given generously to the DCCC; 13 have given more than $1 million between them since the beginning of the year.

They have also rallied to the support of Rep. Andre Carson (D), who won a special election recently in Indiana. Twelve Clinton backers have given $19,000 to Carson since Jan. 1.

Anonymous said...

Wilson - I bet Andre wishes he had some spare change right now !

Shella used the word "Broke" about Andres coffers this morning on the radio and referred how his campaign had missed some other payments due.

Not how you want your second month on the job to look like.

Wilson46201 said...

Whatever happened to Jonathon Elrod?

Anonymous said...

I think he is pulling a McCain and just sitting back and waiting till the General elction stuff to pick up.

Let the Democrats beat up on each other.

Anonymous said...

Wish-TV is now on this story:

Is the "nice surprise" that Carson refers to in the story the Obama support? Seems fitting. Barack is about to lose my vote, I feel.


CarsonSupporter said...

Number one, the Carson campaign is not out of money, and will have plenty to get the message out before the primary.

Number two, Congresswoman Carson proved that winning this district is not a question of cash. If it was, we would have had Congresswomen Delaney, Blankenbaker, Congressmen McVey, Hofmeister, etc., etc.

Number three, I don't recognize the cartoon character of Rep. Carson portrayed so often here. This is a very kind, very intelligent person who you all would like very much if you met him. Take the opportunity to do so sometime and I'm betting you'll like the man who will be our Congressman for some time to come.

Sean Shepard said...

I'm going to agree with CarsonSupporter on the point about Andre being a nice guy. I have told anyone who has ever asked that even when I worked for Andy Horning against Andre's grandmother in 2004 that Andre was always civil and friendly and he continued to be during the 2008 campaign.

I appreciate him not letting politics get too personal once the camera's and microphones are off.

The opposition so many have to Andre is based on beliefs about the proper role of government, the belief that he will continue to be a rubber stamp for anti-American, anti-free enterprise socialist Democrat policies and that we're not supposed to have "royalty" in the U.S. but politics has become very nepotistical.

As for Wilson's comment about Bush and borrow and spend. I was glad to see you oppose such disasterous fiscal policy. Now can we get you on board against "tax and spend" as well? ;-)