Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You Pay When They Don't Do Their Job

When a student fails to turn his homework into the teacher on time, he receives a failing grade. When your elected officials fail to complete their work on time, you pay for it. A Star report today indicates that most counties have not submitted the information the state needs to set property tax rates, including Marion County where the delays will cost taxpayers $30-$50 million in interest costs for the money local governments will have to borrow on a short-term basis to cover spending obligations. "That means homeowners may not know until late summer or fall what they'll owe, while local school districts, towns and other government agencies scramble to cover expenses in the interim," the Star reports. Marion Co. Treasurer Mike Rodman tells the Star tax bills might not go out until November--conveniently after this year's election. Maybe we should start withholding paychecks from the government officials responsible for timely submitting this information to the state like the City-County Council just did with the Marion County Coroner until they do the job they've been ordered to do under Indiana law.


jabberdoodle said...

Anyone could see this coming the moment Daniels called for a re-do. It was discussed at the City's budget hearings last fall, in fact.

You'll also notice from the article that the third 2007 bill won't hit mailboxes until after the primary and the first 2008 bill won't hit the mailboxes until after the general election.

Coincidence or does it correlate perfectly with the fact that the general assembly did little to impact the size of our bills in 2007 and 2008?

Bart Lies said...

There are no coincidences in politics.

M Theory said...

The activists warned you over and over that this would happen. Now we're saddled with a one cent sales tax INCREASE and still no property tax relief. That $30 million will have to come from somewhere and so will the money we spent on the reassessments. It will come from your property taxes.

I still believe that had the protest crowds not dwindled to just the hard-core activists, or the nutcases that follow Eric Miller's agenda, the people collectively could have forced their will on the politicians.

The sheeple did just as the politicians hoped. They went home when the governor called for the reassessments.

Now we get a tax increase and more debt.

Hopefully, come Novemember, there won't be an incumbent still in office. But I'm not holding my breath.

artfuggins said...

What property tax relief ...mine went up $500 a year plus the 1% hike in sales tax...THANKS MITCH

artfuggins said...

What property tax relief ...mine went up $500 a year plus the 1% hike in sales tax...THANKS MITCH