Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Orentlicher Light On Endorsements

I mentioned earlier this week that Rep. David Orentlicher's campaign cancelled a press conference originally scheduled for Monday afternoon at which Orentlicher planned to unveil state and local elected officials who were backing his campaign. Today, the campaign put out the list of officials endorsing him and it's a pretty short list, if you exclude the nine state legislators from outside the 7th District who endorsed him. The Marion County list included none of Orentlicher's colleagues in the House or the Senate. Instead, it included just four elected officials, including Marion Co. Assessor Greg Bowes, City-County Councilors Joanne Sanders and Angela Mansfield and Lawrence City Councilor Sherron Freeman. Making matters worse, U.S. Rep. Andre Carson's endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama squeezed out Orentlicher's press announcement for press coverage today. And it now appears Obama will endorse superdelegate Carson's campaign in consideration for Carson's endorsement. In a district where Obama will likely win by at least 20 points, that can't be good news for Orentlicher, Dr. Woody Myers or State Rep. Carolene Mays.


Wilson46201 said...

You know it's a very bad day for the Orentlicher Campaign when their hot new media release is only carried so far on AdvanceIndiana ... no Democratic-leaning blog has it yet online.

IndyFacts said...

Andre Carson does NOT know what he is doing!

Any first year Political Science student would tell you that Andre GAINS NOTHING from this endorsement and LOSES 100% of those who are supporting Hillary Clinton.

Also, this move doesn’t help Obama much, if at all. Andre seems to have little political power as a brand new congressional freshman and seems to be in a fight for his political life
(even if he doesn’t know it).

Yes, Obama wants Andre’s vote as a Super-Delegate, but if they were smart this would have come after the Primary.

Please, let me know if you think that I am incorrect about this (anyone except wilson). I can’t see how this really helps either one of them in the Primary.

artfuggins said...

I think you are incorrect. I know several Democrats who are Obama backers who were wavering in support of Andre Carson because of an untrue rumor that he was supporting Hillar. I am proud of Carson for taking a stand and endorsing Obama. It will gain him far more votes than it will cost him and he has taken a stand for someone in whom he believes. Way to go, Andre.

Wilson46201 said...

Carolene Mays seems to be a Hillary Clinton supporter -- she donated hundreds of dollars to her last year for Hillary's Presidential campaign!

IndyFacts said...


Your overwhelming support of Carson's decision seems a little biased.

If Obama supporters were not sure about Carson before his endorsement, there are at least a percentage who will probably still vote for other candidates.

And as I said before, Carson LOSES 100% of the Clinton supporters who were undecided.

Politically, I still think it was

IndyFacts said...


Carolene Mays has made no endorsements in the Presidential Primary that I have heard.

I think Carolene Mays, LIKE OTHER SMART CANDIDATES believe that it is the job of each Presidential Candidate to prove to the voters why they are the best candidate to be our next President.

Endorsements, like Carson's have be shown to have almost NO INFLUENCE ON VOTERS.

Again, I still think it was

indyernie said...

All Myers, Mays and David O need to do now is support Clinton. I won't vote (in Nov.) for Clinton or Obama but it is sure going to be fun watching all of the in-fighting in the Indiana democrat party.

Wilson46201 said...

InfyFacts: As a beginning poli/sci student, you should wait for a little more education about endorsements before you make categorical statements about endorsements having no influence on voters. With endorsements come supportive activities such organizational activities or even monetary contributions. Why is Carolene Mays running that Jeffrey Johnson radio spot so heavily if voters are not influenced by endorsements? What do Mays and Johnson know about endorsements that you don't?

Our Democratic Congressman André Carson is an ex-officio "SuperDelegate" to the Democratic Party National Convention and thus has a vote at the Convention. Today he pledged that vote for Barack Obama. It's a heck of a lot more than a mere "endorsement"!

IndyFacts said...


Your lack of knowledge is funny!

As I said, endorsements LIKE Carson's have be shown to have almost NO INFLUENCE ON VOTERS.

Political and Entertainment endorsements have been shown to have almost NO INFLUENCE ON VOTERS.

A recommendation from a TRUSTED FRIEND has been shown to be THE MOST POWERFUL ENDORSEMENT.

It is my opinion that many of the Members, Guest and Friends of Eastern Star Church would consider Pastor Jeffrey Johnson

PASTORS ENDORSING CAROLENE MAYS FOR CONGRESS may prove to be one of the most important factors in this congressional race.

Also as I said, "Yes, Obama wants Andre’s vote as a Super-Delegate, but if they were smart this would have come after the Primary."

By the way, if endorsing Obama just weeks before the Primary is such a great idea, tell me why are all the other CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS NOT ENDORSING OBAMA
(Even ones that Obama has "donated" to their congressional campaigns this year)?

IndyFacts said...


You once expressed an interest in when the
would be running.

I want to let you know that you will see the ads
beginning this week!

Thanks for your interest in

IndyPaul said...

Other Democratic congressmen represent conservative and largely white Districts where a high profile pre-primary endorsement of either Democratic presidential candidate could only hurt, despite the fact that none face real opposition in the primary.

Carson's base is the black community, which will overwhelmingly support Obama in the presidential primary. For Carson to stand by and NOT endorse Obama would have been terribly disapointing to many of his most ardent supporters. He will also gain the support of many of Obama's grass roots campaign workers. NOT endorsing Obama would have been far more damaging to Carson than any risk of loss of Clinton fans, of which there are reletively few among his base.

Carson won't win this Obama's supporter's vote with this move, but it is the move he had to make.

IndyFacts said...


Interesting FACTS about the lone Indiana congressional endorsement of Obama.

"Ninety-four House Democrats have formally endorsed Clinton, compared to 87 who have backed Obama."

"Twelve Clinton backers have given $19,000 to Carson since Jan. 1."

"Clinton’s congressional backers have given generously to the DCCC; 13 have given more than $1 million between them since the beginning of the year."

You can bet that Clinton backers will be

Wilson46201 said...

By the way, whatever happened to a spirited discussion of the heavy endorsements Orentlicher received today?

(remember him?)

IndyFacts said...


Little endorsements get little interest
even on the blogs.

artfuggins said...

Ssometimes you have to do what is right for your constituents even if it may lose you votes. I happen to think that it will gain him many votes. It certainly helps keep him the leading candidate. I still cant figure out why Dr. Myers contributions to the presidential campaign list his address in California.

Unknown said...

Wilson, you actually think the Obama endorsement will result "supportive activities such organizational activities or even monetary contributions." If you really believe Obama will give Carson money or volunteers when he's locked in a knock down primary with Hillary Clinton you're a fool.