Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thompson Leads Schellinger

A new poll by SurveyUSA puts Jill Long Thompson eight points ahead of Jim Schellinger in the Democratic primary race for Indiana governor. Thompson leads Schellinger by a 46%-38% margin. Thompson leads Schellinger by 20 points among women, while Schellinger has a 5-point lead among men. Thompson has a big lead in northern Indiana, while the race is very close in other regions of the state according to the poll. Thompson also has a 16-point lead among black voters and a 5-point lead among white voters. Hat tip to Blue Indiana.


artfuggins said...

Most people dismiss Survey USA as being unreliable and have for quite some time.

M Theory said...

Schellinger is getting filthy rich off Washington Township School district taxpayers.

Schellinger is the "S" in CSO Architects, builders of Taj Mahal schools, regardless of where it drives our state's bond indebtedness.

Schellinger's educational commercials are a sham. He wants education money to flow, so that developers, builders, and their cronies get rich, rich, rich.