Friday, April 11, 2008

Myers Hits Carson's Hypocrisy On DC Lobbyists And Their Special Interest Money

The 7th District congressional campaign of Dr. Woody Myers strikes out hard against the first TV ad to be run by U.S. Rep. Andre Carson for his primary race following his special election win last month. Here's a taste of Myers first direct attack on Carson's record:

“Lobbyists and CEOs have too much power in Washington. That’s got to change so we can help working people,” Carson says in his ad, yet in 2008, his campaign has taken large amounts of money from PACs, Washington, D.C.-based lobbyists and corporate executives leaving the average voter to ask how can he possibly expect
to reduce their power in Washington?

This year, according to FEC reports for the March 11 primary, the Carson campaign has accepted more than $100,500 from 30 Political Action Committees including those representing the American Bankers Association, Mortgage Bankers Association, AT&T, Navistar, and the Florida Sugar Cane League. The campaign has also accepted at least $1,550 from at least six corporate executives from CitiGroup, JPMorgan Chase, Oracle and NASDAQ. And D.C-based lobbyists working on behalf of Verizon, Clear Channel, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce among others have contributed at least $2,000 to the Carson campaign.

These special interests, in total, have spent at least $104,050 on Andre Carson’s candidacy.

“Indiana’s 7th District deserves to have a leader whose actions back up their words,” said Andrea Hailey, Myers for Congress Campaign Manager. “We can’t afford someone who says CEOs and lobbyists have too much power yet relies on them to bankroll their campaign.”

Things are starting to heat up. This race among the Democrats in the 7th District race could get quite interesting, particularly in light of poll results showing Myers running closely behind State Rep. David Orentlicher and Carson.


Anonymous said...

Andre doesn't have a single independent thought of his own ~~~~~~ 42 out of 43 of his votes followed the predominant Democrat position. My 12 year old has more independent thought than Andre "Yeah Massah" Carson The one "independent" vote was due to the democrats not having an opinion. So much for "change" in Washington. "ABC"

artfuggins said...

I guess we only want congresspeople who can afford to donate $800,000 to their own campaign. In addition, move to try and pick a state where he thinks he can win. Myers hasn't live in Indiana for 20 years. We may not be New Yorkers or Californians but we are not DUMB. Woody take your negativity back to whichever state you lived in before you decided to run for this congressional seat.

Bart Lies said...

NONE of them live in Indiana once they get elected, anyway.

But you have to admire the seriousness and commitment of someone willing to layout that much of their OWN money, vs only taking money from others who want to buy some favors.

indyernie said...

"only taking money from others who want to buy some favors."

Like Andre Carson's buddies with terrorist connections?

The only folks Carson is fooling are the ones voting for him.

artfuggins said...

I have come to the conclusion that Andre Carson must have a significant lead in this election. People do not make desperate statements that are being made on this site unless their candidate is far behind. All we have to do for proof is to go back to the special election and read what the Elrod supporters were posting here.