Sunday, May 07, 2006

Walker Credits "Message of Christian-Centered Governing" For Win

An AP story tonight on Greg Walker is not likely to disabuse anyone of the notion he is not an extremist, fringe candidate. Describing Walker, the AP reports:

Walker, who's a member of the Church of Christ in Columbus, mainly credits his supporters for spreading his message of Christian-centered governing to the public.

Walker does not own a television and does not have a working radio in any of his three cars. The first time he heard one of his campaign's radio ads, he said, was the night before his primary victory.

The story notes that Walker's biggest contributor, Associated Builders and Contractors' Indiana chapter, gave his campaign $30,000. ABC Chapter President J.R. Gaylor "said the group believes in the 'free enterprise system and in open and fair competition with minimal government intervention' for builders and contractors." A disingenuous Gaylor "said Garton fell out of its favor partly because he voted for lifetime health retirement benefits for all senators when many workers across the state have none." Legislative health care perks is hardly the ABC's agenda, which is to make Indiana a Right to Work state. Gaylor said he and another ABC member twice interviewed Walker before they endorsed him. "He shares our views," he said.

Interestingly, Bartholomew Co. GOP Chair Ted Ogle tells the AP Walker has never contacted him about party support since he won. Walker said Ogle never called him. "He has my number. I don't have his," he said. That's got to be music to the ears of Walker's Democratic opponent, Terry Coriden.

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