Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Early Returns Produce Interesting Results

Election night returns are rolling in and here's our early take:

  • Senate President Pro Tem is headed for defeat. While Garton is making it a race in his home county of Bartholomew, Walker has a commanding lead in Shelby County which Garton is unable to overcome.
  • Sen. Allen Paul had a close one, but has made it passed Bruce Wissel with about 54% of the vote.
  • Former Senator Dick Thompson is struggling to regain his old Senate seat. He now has a slight lead over James Detamore in this multi-candidate race.
  • Rep. Rich McClain has a lead over his opponent, Rick Eller.
  • Rep. Mary Kay Budak is losing by a substantial margin to challenger Tom Dermody.
  • Rep. Phyllis Pond has a solid lead over Denny Worman.
  • Rep. Don Lehe is struggling with a small lead over Don Anderson.
  • Rep. Mike Murphy is capturing 63% in his 3-way race.
  • Rep. Woody Burton has a commanding lead over Ron West.
  • Rep. Suzanne Crouch is handily beating Jon Fulton.
  • Rep. Julia Carson has coasted to renomination with close to 75% of the vote. Kiser is collecting just under 15% of the vote.
  • Republican Eric Dickerson has smashed his Republican-slated opponent, Ron Franklin. Dickerson has captured more than 50% of the vote in this 4-way race.
  • Democratic judicial candidate William Fatout is the bottom man out in this 12-way race for 9 judicial spots. Jose Salinas, riding the wave of Marion Co.'s growing Hispanic population is the beneficiary. Karen Celestino-Horseman comes up short, along with LilaBerdia Batties. No slated candidates losing in this race.

Stay tuned for more results.


amanti27 said...

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Anonymous said...

Fatout isn't slated. The top nine vote getters are the slate. Treacy flexed his considerable muscles

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks--it's corrected.

Anonymous said...

Treacy can flex all he wants. I have lost my respect for the process and his (no longer my) party.