Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Help Needed To Block Federal Marriage Protection Amendment

The Human Rights Campaign dispatched its regional field director, Stuart Rosenberg, to Indiana this week to meet with various leaders and members of the GLBT community. Rosenberg is a relatively new addition to the HRC staff, having been instrumental in efforts in the state of Massachusetts to successfully block efforts to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot there to ban gay marriages. Of course, Massachusetts is the first state in the country to legally recognize same-sex marriages.

Rosenberg reminds us that debate on a vote on the federal Marriage Protection Amendment in the Senate is expected to take place the first week of June. Indiana's two senators, Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh, cannot be taken for granted. Sen. Lugar opposed a cloture vote the last time a similar amendment was brought before the Senate, which had the effect of killing the amendment. This year he is up for re-election and has not yet stated his position publicly. Sen. Bayh is expected to vote against the MPA, but it is not a given.

Please utilize the HRC action site to let Sen. Lugar and Sen. Bayh know how you feel about the MPA by clicking here.

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